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The Reputation System is a feature of the ADISC forums intended to highlight members who consistently write quality posts, as well as to help provide accountability for breaking forum rules. It is recommended that you understand the basics of the system, including when it is appropriate to award and deduct reputation points.

What is Reputation?

Reputation points (or ''rep'', for short) are an integral part of the ADISC community. Almost all users are able to give and receive positive, negative, or neutral reputation, which will change their reputation count and thus affect their status on the forums.

Giving Rep

Reputation points are given on a per-post basis. Positive rep should be given for posts which are exceptionally ''helpful, wise, kind, or otherwise positive," and conversely, negative rep should be given for posts which "contain drama, flaming, spam, or other negative material." Simply agreeing or disagreeing with what the post has to say is not an acceptable reason for giving rep.

In giving rep, you must give a reason as to why it is being given. Explain why a post is positive when giving positive rep and why it is negative when giving negative rep. The reason needs to be acceptable under the rules and substantial enough such that, if the rep point is reviewed by a mod, the mod will uphold the rep. Neutral rep is given when you don’t think a post is either positive or negative enough to deserve to gain or lose rep, but you would like to leave a comment to the poster regardless.

Acceptable reasons for giving rep include:

-"You made a good, well-thought out argument. Good points, well-organized, and illustrative."
-"Your tone was spot on here. You made a valid point on a touchy subject while being careful not to be offensive."
-"This is flaming – don't attack other posters."
-"This is drama. If you don’t like the pink theme, then post calmly about what you don’t like about it in the Administrative forum rather than posting a wall-of-text rant in Off-Topic."
-"One-line posts which don't add anything to 73-post discussion on Plato's Republic are spam."

Unacceptable reasons for giving rep include:

-"<3 <3!"
-"No your wrong about that"
-"asgfhjashlrtkhwktjhqjkwehruietyaioewuioryqweiur133 7"
-"Awesome post fast shipping would do business again A++++++"

Anonymity of Rep

Giving reputation is anonymous and your name will not appear to the person to whom you are giving reputation. The intent of this system is to avoid people giving positive or negative rep in return or retaliation for previous rep given. Keeping rep anonymous helps ensure that people only give rep based on the quality of the post they're viewing.

There has been some debate on this matter and a small minority of members do choose to "sign" their rep as a way of standing behind what they have said. Such is allowed under the rules, but it is discouraged.

The ability to give reputation is a privilege, one that is revoked if someone repeatedly gives reputation for invalid reasons.

Reporting Invalid Rep

Rep is to be given only for the reasons listed above. A more detailed explanation regarding when it is and is not appropriate to give rep can be found in The Rules.

If you receive rep which you feel is inappropriate, you can report it to the moderators. By clicking on the "settings" link in the upper right hand corner of your browser, you will be brought to the Settings page, which displays all recent rep given and received. From here, click the "Report" link next to any rep received, and it will be added to the queue of reps to be reviewed by a moderator.

If you report a point of rep, a moderator will look over it, and, based on whether or not the reason given is valid and appropriate given the content of the post, will decide whether or not the rep should stand.

Rep is occasionally reviewed independently by the moderators for a variety of reasons, but in most cases, rep will only be reviewed if it is reported.

Public Display and Reporting of Positive Rep

ECs+ can see positive rep which has been given to posts. Only positive rep is visible; neutral and negrep is not visible.

Rep can be reported by anyone who can see it. Reported rep no longer appears unless it is subsequently confirmed as valid by a mod. In this case, when it reappears, it no longer has a report button.

Rep, The Groups System, and You

Receiving rep will change your status on the forum.
For more information on the different status levels you can reach, see this article on the groups system.

It should be noted that reputation does not give you any authority over other users on the forum and in no way should it be used to intimidate people with lower rep. Conversely, if you have lower rep than another user, do not feel intimidated by them. It may simply be that they've been on the forum longer and have had the time to make many posts.

Generally, the more positive rep you receive, the more features you gain access to, including special boards and custom user titles. The more negative rep you receive, the more attention the mods and admins pay to you – and not in a good way. More than likely, receiving noticeable amounts of negative rep will put your account under review, and in some instances, get your account banned.

Those with higher reputation are seen to be role models for the community. Through their words and actions, they have demonstrated how users can gain positive reputation. They are, to an extent, "model citizens" of ADISC, contributing quality material at a steady pace while avoiding any rule violations. This does not mean that their opinion is more valid than those with lesser status, and should not be viewed as meaning that their views in discussions are inherently better; rep is simply a measure of previous contributions.

Remember that even if somebody does not react well to your comments and gives you negative rep, that it is not a big deal. No one is going to hate you because a little number under your name went down a little. However, this does not mean that it should be meaningless. Try to see what upset the person who neg-repped you, and try to improve on that area in the future.

In general, the best way to approach the system is to follow the rules, be yourself, and not dwell on receiving reputation. More than likely, if you are a good member, positive reputation will come in due time. No one looks down upon you for having a lower rep, so don't go out of your way to post purely for the purpose of gaining rep.

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