ADISC Quarterly Update: 2022/Q4


Hello everyone.

I've updated my to do list to show what was completed in Q4, as well as what is planned for Q1 of 2023.

For the last three months, by available time/energy to work on ADISC has been quite limited, due to me being incredibly drained by work, health, and family issues.
To get the most done with the limited time/energy I had, I focused on leverage activities - ie activities that I can do once, but which then reduce my workload on an ongoing basis.
That means staffing changes (removing less active staff, adding new staff in areas that need help), tooling improvements (adding new, better tools to help run the place), and establishing good frameworks for the future.

For the next three months, I'd like to continue focusing on leverage activities where possible.
This would include adding new tools that let other staff/members get things done without requiring my help, as well as incentive systems that encourage the behavior I want to see on the site without my staff having to manually do so.
Aside from leverage activities, I have a number of chores I need to do, and a couple of bigger projects which I may or may not be able to get done in the quarter - we'll have to try and see.

If you have any questions/suggestions for future plans, send me a message.
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