ADISC Introduction & FAQ


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What is is a supportive, social community, catering mainly to adults who wear diapers.

Our members are:
  • Adult Babies (ABs: adults who act babyish for fun)
  • Diaper Lovers (DLs: people who enjoy wearing diapers)
  • Incontinent people (ICs: bedwetters, the 'accident prone', etc)
  • Babyfurs (BFs: people who act like baby animals for fun)
Many of our members fit into more than one of the above groups.

It is not necessary to wear diapers to participate here, though.
Many appreciate other elements of the AB/DL lifestyle, are a caretaker, or have a friend in one of the above groups, and wish to learn more about it.

What is's mission?

Our primary mission is to support our members through the diaper-related challenges they face.
Being an adult who wears diapers can sometimes be challenging, and ADISC is here to support people facing those challenges.
For example, we reassure members they are not alone, and let them see how others have overcome similar challenges.

After supporting our members, our secondary goal is providing a social environment for members.
Somewhere to talk, to laugh, to relax, and to have intelligent discussions.
Since our members are spread out geographically, is our opportunity to talk with each other.

How is ADISC different from most non-diaper sites?

We're not run for profit. So, we have no ads, and we do not sell anything.
We exist simply for the benefit of our members.

Beyond that, we have a unique and very positive culture.
We value honesty, intelligence, and quality writing, amongst other things.
Discussions here tend to be friendly, but deep, and thought-provoking.

How is ADISC different from most diaper sites? does not allow "adult" content. Our content is actually PG-13. only allows adults (ages 18 and up) to join. is a support community. is not a dating site, or a "meet up" site.
If you are here to find someone to meet up with, then this is not the site for you.
While some members do occasionally meet up in real life, these events are only open to members who are well known in the community.
Such meetings are rare, and don't involve AB/DL activities. Instead, they're simple social events, like munches, or seeing a movie together.
AB/DLs are people too, and when we make friends, we want to make real friendships, not friendships based solely on a shared interest in diapers. is not just a diaper site.
We feel honored that, for some members, ADISC may be the first place they feel comfortable being open about wanting/needing diapers.
We respect that it can be hard to open up about this stuff, and we're proud that people choose to do it here.
That said, members should (and do) talk about non-diaper topics most of the time.
We find that this helps everyone in the long run, because it enables the people who do it to form real friendships based on more than just a common interest in diapers.
This ultimately leads to everyone being happier, and us having a stronger, more friendly community.

Who runs this place? What are the rules?

ADISC is run by a small team of volunteer staff, using these rules.

Anything else I should know?

There are a lot of things to do, and places to explore, on ADISC.
This is especially true once you join, as most of the site is only accessible to logged-in members.

The true strength of, though, is our members.
You can read around to get the flavor of ADISC, but to truly experience ADISC you should join, and then introduce yourself in the introductions forum.

Joining is fast, free, private, and painless.

We even provide helpful tips, in the greetings forum, about how to make the best start.

Let me be the first to say: Welcome to ADISC!
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