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Active Directory on Windows 2008 Server...

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I'm guessing that no-one else here is brave enough to try and run this over-complicated Vista-styled server OS from M$, but i'm giving it ago, and it is giving me a headache. I have ran Windows 2000 Server before, but never had any problems.

The main issue i'm having atm, is:

I'm running Windows 2008 Server as an Active Directory Domain Controller, with several PCs and Laptops (Windows XP Pro or Windows Vista dependent on machine) as clients.

These are in the domain.

However, certain aspects of Group Policy are *not* being applied to these client machines.

The most significant is an issue concerning My Documents; i'm trying to avoid the Windows network style of "Copy Down, Copy Up", i.e. when you log on, it copies your profile to the client machine, when you log off, it copes it back, as for some users this takes bloody ages. Try as I might, I cannot pursuade such people to avoid using My Documents and just stick to a network share which would avoid this issue (no Copying Up/Down).

Thus, i'm trying to map My Documents to a network share, specific to each user (using the %Username% variable in reference to the relevant share), so that the whole Copying thing is avoided for My Documents at least.

However, it's not working!

The logon script maps the User share to the relevant network drive, but whichever way I try, it will not redirect My Documents to this share.

When I enquire on any of the client machines, i'm informed that the Group Policy Object does not exist - despite all such client machines being in the domain and the Group Policy being defined on this issue.

Help, anyone?



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I've never really touched Windows Server 2008, But I have used AD on Windows Server 2003. But never really got into the advancements of group policy and stuff, I never really needed it.

I don't think you'll get the replys you wanted here. I don't know anyone with A Win2k8 server using AD. I'm sure you've already googled around and there are better forums with slightly more people in the know about this issue.

All I know at school, roaming profiles was dissabled, Our user area was a map network drive, a variable must of been changed to set something like %mydocuemnts% to Z:\ or what ever map network drive you have set. Which sounds like, what you are doing. I don't know to be honest.

Sorry, But I can't help you.


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I've set up a network using Win2k8 and AD, but I never had the group policy issues you've mentioned. I used roaming profiles myself, using folder redirection to make sure non-essential profile and document data wasn't copied over on log on. Is this what you're trying to do? Note there is a specific group policy for folder redirection of things like My Documents, entirely separate from network shares.


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You said you were mapping the users home directory using a logon script? And then using group policy to Map the My Documents to a network location, have you tried specifying the users home directory on the AD user object, so for example you use the Z drive and point it to \\servername\users\%username% and then using group policy to map to the "Users home directory" (when you specify that option in Group policy it wont ask for a location as it will look at the user object in AD and use the UNC path specified their?

Maybe i didnt quite understand your initial question, also have you made sure that all the latest server and client servicepacks are installed as they can often fix problems like this? Let me know how you get on and report back and ill see what else i can suggest.
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