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Can I close my ADISC account?
Yes, unless your account has been subject to moderation action (such as a ban, warning, etc) within the last few years.

What are the consequences of closing my account?
Your account, and its profile, can no longer be accessed.
Your profile data may be permanently deleted.

If I change my mind, can my closed account be reopened later?

What about the content I have uploaded? Does that get deleted when my account is closed?
Your profile page will become inaccessible, and may be deleted.
Other content you have uploaded (forum posts, threads, albums, blog entries, etc) will remain.
You can (and are encouraged to) delete your blog entries and album photos yourself prior to requesting account closure.
We will also delete personal information from your forum posts if you tell us exactly where it is (provide the URL). If you want to do this, you must ask us before account closure. After account closure, we may no longer have enough information on file to verify that you were the one who posted it.
It is not possible to mass-delete all content you've ever posted/uploaded.

Is this a good way to change my username?
No. Instead, go to your account details page and click "change" next to your username.

Can I close my account, then open a new one?

Can I still use ADISC-related services, like the Discord, if my website account is closed?

Is this a good way to stop email being sent to me?
No. Instead, simply visit your preferences page and turn off the email-related options.

How do I get my account closed?
Contact us via the Requests forum. State that you've read this account closure policy, and asking us to close your account.
Then wait. It typically takes 1-7 days.
If, upon posting a request, you're given an answer that is just a link back to this page, it likely means your request did not explicitly state that you've read the policy, and you need to make a new request that explicitly says you've read this policy.

Can you email me to let me know when my account is closed?

How do I know if my account was closed?
If you were previously logged in, you will now be logged out.
Trying to log in again will give the error: "The requested user 'yournamehere' could not be found."
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