Account Closure Policy

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Can I close my ADISC account?
Typically, yes.
Special rules (see below) apply to anyone who has had a ban, warning or other moderator action on their account in the last few years.

What are the consequences of closing my account?
Your account, and its profile, can no longer be accessed.
Your profile data may be permanently deleted.

If I close my account, can I later re-open it?
No. Once closed, an account is closed forever.

What about the content I have uploaded? Does that get deleted when my account is closed?
Your profile page will become inaccessible, and may be deleted.
Other content you have uploaded (forum posts, threads, albums, blog entries, etc) will remain.
You can (and are encouraged to) delete your blog entries and album photos yourself prior to requesting account closure.
We will also delete personal information from your forum posts if you tell us exactly where it is (use reports, or a requests forum thread, and provide the URL(s)). If you want to do this, you must ask us before account closure. After account closure, we may no longer have enough information on file to verify that you were the one who posted it.
It is not possible to mass-delete all content you've ever posted/uploaded.

Is this a good way to change my username?
No. Instead, go to your account details page and click "change" next to your username.

Can I close my account, then open a new one?
No. Doing this violates our rule against multiple accounts, and is grounds for a ban.

Can I still use ADISC-related services, like the ADISC Discord server, if my website account is closed?
No. Only people with accounts in good standing on our website are considered 'members', and allowed to use members-only services, like our Discord.

Is this a good way to stop email being sent to me?
Instead, simply visit your preferences page and turn off the email-related options.

How do I get my account closed?
Most members are eligible to close their account themselves, using the Account Closure Form.
Using it will require to confirm that you have read this policy. It may also take a few days to process.

What if the form says I'm not eligible?
If you are not eligible to use the standard form (e.g: because you have a warning or ban on your account, even an expired one), and you still want your account closed, contact us via the Requests forum. State that you've read this account closure policy, and are asking us to close your account.
This will result in your account being deactivated, disabled, or banned.

I made a request in the requests forum. Why am I only getting a link back to this page as an answer?
Because you did not state in your request that you've read the policy. Go reply to your requests thread, and state you've read the policy.
If you don't state that you've read the policy, the only answer you will get is a link back to this page, so you can read it and be aware of our requirements.

Can you email me to let me know when my account is closed? How will I know when my account is closed?
If you're using the standard closure form, you will likely get a notification email one day before your scheduled closure date, and another to notify you once your account is closed. After that, attempting to log in with your account will generate a "username not found" error.
Anyone using the requests thread method to request closure won't get an email, and attempting to log in will generate an error.
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