Accepting an ABDL lifestyle


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I wanted to open a discussion for so many here who might be just beginning their journey into a 24/7 ABDL lifestyle and to reach out to those who have found enlightenment in being completely diaper dependent.

First: If you are here and reading this then you've already recognized a desire within yourself to wear diapers as an adult. Why most of us are here is to validate this desire among a community of like minded people. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you or the natural desire you have of being diapered!

Second: Everything about wearing diapers as an adult and being ABDL goes against societal norms. The challenges you will face are daunting and will forever change you, the people around you and all that you have known in life. However, know this: you can make this change and survive.

Third: You are not alone! We are here! Of course there will be repercussions as a result of this decision you know you must make but what you lose in the past you will gain in the future.

I would like people to share their stories about how they began as ABDL, what challenges they faced and most importantly: how their life has become so much better as a result of their choice.

Best wishes and I love you all!


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I came to ADISC to do exactly that … validate this desire while finding likeminded individuals who are perfectly fine with accepting diapers in our life for various reasons. Mine are not medical since I’m fully continent albeit a masked Autistic. Since I was around 6 years old Ihad dreams about being diapered again and found the whole idea very relaxing and not awkward … though, keeping it hidden up to my college years was not easy. Before purchasing my first pack of Bambino diapers around 2009, I had played around with pillowcases, fleece sweatshirts and other materials, wearing at night secretly while I was still living with my folks. Thanks for reaching out!
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