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So, it's been a mad couple of days... As a long-time lurker (and second time poster, hi again :D) I've read countless posts on the subject of acceptance, but I guess nothing can prepare you for the real thing...

I finally managed (with some assistance) to discuss everything about this aspect of my life, the way I generally feel about it, and just generally everything, with my roommates/friends. And they were cool about it.

But... Herein lies a sort of problem...
I know I have trust issues, and that I tend to overthink things, but I was just kinda curious if anyone has ever sorta had issues coming to terms with the fact that what for many of us is a massive secret, can sometimes be a complete non-issue, cause it's kinda been breaking my brain...

This whole part of me has been a secret for longer than I care to remember, and has backfired before, so it's just a bit of a bizarre reaction to actually experience, and an even more bizarre reaction to have to it myself...

Apologies for the wall of text, but TL;DR: Anyone ever found acceptance to be, at least temporarily, confusing as hell?
What do you mean non-issue? I don't see how you even begin to imagine walking into a work with a paci in your mouth an issue for your work. Trust me I have had times where this has blown up in my face but no one has said anything - it was weird but I just got a feeling everyone knew because someone outted me.

Truthfully and pathetically i wouldn't really have a problem being outted because it's not like I really have anyone in my life right now so being outted would just be the cherry on top of an already devastating situation. All I am saying is don't open yourself up that easily and expect people to be okay with it.
I can sorta understand, when it backfired before, it wasn't so much personal choice, as being found out... And again, this time round, had one of my roomies not stumbled across some "stuff" in my room, I probably wouldn't have opened up to them the way I did. But that's just it...

Having had this blow up in my face before, I guess I'm just struggling to come to terms with the fact that these guys were as accepting as it gets... Maybe I'm just being ungrateful, I dunno, but it's just kinda confusing... It's something I've always kept a humongous secret, so to have this level of acceptance is... strange.

Sorry to hear that life is kinda people-less for you atm... Having moved outta my hometown (again) last year, and pretty much left all my friends behind, I can kinda relate. Sucks, a lot. But as someone who has a bit of experience in that general area, it ain't all doom and gloom, even if it seems like it now. You'll meet your people eventually, and in the meantime, myself and the rest of the guys here are here for ya :D
Hey William. I know what you mean. Back then, it felt weird to be accepted. Because this is such a great secret and having to be in the open it's strange. But I came to relish on the acceptance and enjoy it. My friends are super cool about the diaper thing, so I suggest you enjoy those true friends and have fun being yourself with them. There is nothing better than being yourself with friends.

I'm kinda curious though... what did you tell them? How did they react and say?
Yay! It's not just me! :D

In terms of what I told them, pretty much everything... The whole ageplay/little aspect of it, the whole ABDL side of things... And they we're absolutely fine and supportive about it all... I've known these guys for a long time, and, one of them in particular, for the majority of my life, so I suppose maybe that might explain my whole response to it slightly... Kinda strange to know they know...

That said, these guys have their own kinks, mainly BDSM, but there's an ageplay part to some of it, so I guess acceptance was what I was expecting from the get-go... Still, kinda weird going from expectation to actual reality... Cool, but confusing... :D
Just enjoy it my friend. It feels strange at first, but you'll be happy being more open around your friends!
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