ABU Vaulting Just Announced: Kiddo, Space, Cushies (inc cloth), PreSchool Plastic


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Just got a message ABU is vaulting more of their diapers.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

  • PreSchool Plastic Backed Edition😐
  • ABU Space😞
  • Cushies😕
  • Cloth Backed Cushies🤨
  • Kiddo🤯🤬😡
So, I’m clearly displeased with seeing Kiddo get the boot, I hear from a lot of people that they just don’t get the print or they don’t fit their body well. At least we still have SDK. But dammit, Kiddo’s the diaper that feels 100% like my dream diaper, aside from slightly diminished capacity. I really hope this gets revised for higher capacity and brought back. I love two-tape diapers.

Now, I’m feeling guilty for buying a variety. But even so, does that imply something about the state of the market?
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I'm sad to see ABU Space having to go, because I liked that print, even though I never got a chance to buy a pack. I would rather see them vault the LittlePawz diapers instead, since I don't care much for that print.
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bigtoddler96 said:
I'm sad to see ABU Space having to go, because I liked that print, even though I never got a chance to buy a pack. I would rather see them vault the LittlePawz diapers instead, since I don't care much for that print.
I mean, I see a lot of people posting photos with those. In fact, it seems like an outsized proportion.
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Really sad to see. I’m a huge fan of everything her except for the plastic backed preschools.

The cloth-backed preschool is the first abdl diaper I got to order and I loved those to death.

So many two-tape diapers options getting the boot.

Even the cloth-backed Cushies are heading out again and people fought for those for years to come back only to say goodbye :(

I hope this means they have more two tape diaper ideas coming down the pipeline especially for something to replace that cloth-backed Cushies, there isn’t anything else on the market quite like it.

Pretty sad day to be an ABDL tbh.
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This is sad news indeed.

In fact, the first two proper nappies I tried were the ABU Space and the ABU Kiddo.

The Space was the first ever one I tried and I'll always have a soft spot for it.

The Kiddo was actually a really good shape for my body and I loved the fact it was two taped.

That being said though, I expect ABU will be coming out with either a new version or something brand new to replace these products. Still not great to have to have them going, but at least there should be something good in the pipeline.
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At the end of the day they are a business and have to make a profit to stay in business. I'd rather see them reduce their offerings and inventory than go bankrupt trying to keep everything around all the time. People have their favorites and hate to see them go but I'm sure a cost analysis went into it and they found those skus just aren't moving well enough to justify keeping them.

I know a lot of folks are vocal about a good deal of ab/dl stuff having animal themes and not enough offerings outside that theme but the truth seems to indicate that "that" is what most ab/dl folks like.

I don't feel like naming them all off but just off the top of my head you have:

ABU with LittlePawz, DinoRawrz, BunnyHopps, Peekaboo, Little Kings, Alpha Gator.

Rearz with Safari, Barnyard, Critter Caboose, Alpacas.

Tykables with Overnights, Little Rawrs, Unicorns, Puppers, Little Builders....honestly most of their catalog outside of the cammies.

LittleForBig also has a majority of their line with some sort of animal theme.

The non-animal themed diapers are scarce but there seems to be a universal reason for that. Animal stuff sells. Most people seem to attribute babyishness with cutesy animals.

I honestly don't see that changing anytime soon. Even the non-animal themed diaper lovers out there don't have deep enough pockets to compete.

ABU has quite the inventory compared to any of the other ABDL outlets out there. I'm sure they'll have new as well as keep some non-animal stuff around but as long as that's what sells that's what they're going to keep around and invest time in developing.
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Disappointed that the preschools seem to be going away. First the cloth back preschools are on a massive outlet sale, and now you say their plastic backed ones are also going away. They seemed like a great daytime diaper and would have been my go to if I ever went 24/7.
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I really liked the space. They were my first ABU diaper. I just visited the store in Baltimore for the first time and grabbed 2 packs so im glad I did that. I also really liked the cloth backed cushies and was waiting for the tapes to get fixed. They were a great discrete diaper that wast loud to walk around in.
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Yeesh. Thanks for posting this @blaincorrous
Going get and order for the Kiddos in toute suit.
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blaincorrous said:
Noooooo!! That one was a big favorite. That will leave a huge hole in the world of single tape abdl diapers.
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i feel like they wont have any selections after doing this. I hate the cloth backed diapers Yuck!
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Alrighty, I don’t need more diapers but I just ordered a case of Kiddos in large. Never liked the name but they are so sweet otherwise.
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The vast majority of Adult diapers are manufactured in China and there has been a push to move the older style diapers to the newer designs as the investment (new equipment) is all targeting the newer designs. This normally results in the replacement of the equipment that ran the older designed diaper. A production line that run the new technology four tape diapers cannot be set-up to run two taped diapers, etc, etc, etc.. In addition, production runs have been set to higher run volumes to reduce equipment downtime as part of switching product runs.

So, it is very likely that this summer, the market will see new versions of the AB/DL speciality market products. Lots of questions, but to early to determine what will make the transition and what will not.
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Subtlerustle said:
Alrighty, I don’t need more diapers but I just ordered a case of Kiddos in large. Never liked the name but they are so sweet otherwise.
No more mediums. All I have left are 6 medium Kiddos. I’m going to start a new reserve stash for discontinued items.
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Goodbye, uh... owl diapers.

Honestly, I either haven't bought any of these from ABU, or it's been a very long time since I have.

I'm sure each of these is someone's favorite, though.

Personally, I wish they'd bring back an updated version of Lavender.

I know ABU pretty regularly comes out with new products, so who knows -- some of you may love their new offerings even more. 🙂
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I have never tried any of those. I’ve only worn SDK, Simple, & PeekABU. So I’m not gonna miss anything. But sorry to those that have liked those. Y’all stock up on those now!
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Yeah, I'm not gonna miss any of these. For all I care the can vault the crappy SDKs too and go back to the version prior to this one.

It states they are making room for their new generation of SOGG fighting diapers

I'm secretly hoping there's another positional print in the making. Maybe something mimicking a Huggies or Luvs pattern.
Monkeys, elephants, frogs or duckies. Would be pretty cool too.

Please don't be a granny panty pull-up.


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Nowididit said:
"For all I care the can vault the crappy SDKs too and go back to the version prior to this one."

"Please Note: Our current run of Super Dry Kids fit about an inch smaller than usual. This issue is due to the central positioning of tapes on this run of diapers & will be corrected in the next batch."

The thing is, this note has been up there for like a year, now. There'll be a new president by the time the new batch comes out at this rate.
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That takes away two of my favorites. Very disappointing indeed. What makes me most nervous about this is that 4 of the 5 are plastic backed. That is a dramatic reduction in the plastic/cloth ratio and feels like the beginning of a scary trend.
I feel like those of us who don’t like absolutely huge cloth-backed diapers are getting left behind.
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why the space out of all /
The cloth preeschools could have been updated tho,
not a huge fan of their cloth like ones, the king and gators were cute but the overall cloth is meh\ if they had a plastic of these :O but theyh are stupid price even worst now , is not really aforable
then again they have nothing ever in stock so why they vaulting all of those unless they got massive plans to have something new out, but then again they made it way too expensive to even order anymore,

Price point a major factor in buying or id imagine would hault? them moving as fast? , id hands down get space or paws before king/gators even tho they are hecking cute,
then again that just went up 30+$ for a damn case of the cheapest,

as one mentioned it could well be because of using new machines and having to update things that no longer is able to be made on the newer machines vs old\ meaning they might come out with all new versions of said vaulted!
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