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Hi, I was checking up with my email from ABU about new delivery economy was changed to free shipping. I don’t surprise that I wanted to order ABU Space diapers with two bags. I’m remember that video was years ago in 2015. I have on my YouTube channel. I want to shares to all videos was growing views.

Know as my bedroom ceiling with glow in the dark stars, planets, galaxies, galactic, and comet sticks on & using my black light fixture to 10x brightness glowing. I would order glow in the dark 3D solar system planets 🪐.
Also, I have a telescope 🔭.
Glow in the Dark Space Stick-ons and Black Light Fluorescent Fixture
I remember when these came out. They were like the best. The Rolls Royce of overnight diapers. Too bad they weren't scented and didn't have the 1 tape per side design.