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Lucky Enough, I can finally afford ABU's, BUT, I have no clue which size to go with. I know for a fact I fit perfectly in the Abena M4's, molicare super plus mediums, and tranquility atn mediums.

But when viewing ABU's Sizing guide, they claim that the medium simple fit's waist 28"-36", while Abena's for example 28"-40".

Any help on this would be absolutely awesome! I'm not certain if I should go with mediums or larges, and I really don't want to pay for samples and wait 2 or 3 weeks :s
I just ordered my first abu diapers and they arive on Monday i'll let you know how the medium fits. I'm a 33-34 waist
Awesome! This is kind of help is much appreciated! :biggrin:
Even if you think you've got a decent handle on sizing by the numbers, I'd really encourage you to get a sample or small order that first time around. Diapers are so personal, it would be sad to spend a lot of money on something you weren't happy with or that didn't fit right.
I wear SDK's I'm a 34" waist and about 6ft tall, very proportional and I wear both mediums and larges, both have there pro's and cons, I like the mediums for during the day, I move around and very active so the mediums seal tight against my body, they last me between 6-8 hours before a change is needed, the diaper doesn't really break down, or clump. The mediums land about an inch below my belly button and just slightly above my butt, the taping holds to my hips. The larges are good for night time use, they run longer and obviously wider, since they are longer I get better coverage when sleeping, more wicking to the back of the diaper, I also wear a onesie which helps keep everything in place, since I wear the larges at night I have no problems with clumping or break down, the coverage area is just above my belly button to the small of my back, tapping is above my hips and the diaper stays tight to me for the most part, I do get some sagging if I wet a lot, but no leaks.
I love both products and the (2) sizes work, I wish they offered a size regular to fit in between so I didn't have to carry both sizes. For the OP - I believe the mediums will work just fine for you
I wear the SDK medium, and most of the diapers I wear are mediums. Since you wear and fit really good in the M4's and medium Molicares, you should be good if you get the medium SDK's.
I am a 36 to 38 pants. Been wearing large Cushies and SDK. I ordered a couple of mediums for the wife. I tried one. The mediums seem to fit more snug. They are nice and cozy. Great. And I have almost a full inventory of large stuff. That will teach me
I ordered a medium and large sample.
When I get them I will give an update on fit.
Christophuur said:
Awesome! This is kind of help is much appreciated! :biggrin:

i just wanted to give you an update and some feedback since my ABU SDK's medium arrived today. They fit perfectly! so if you are close to my waist size. They will fit you great, if you waist size is a bit bigger then 33 it may be a bit snug. Hope this has helped some. idk about the other abu diapers though, i know a few have slightly different sizing.
Definitely order a sample first and then start off with smaller orders.

If you fit in an M4 then you can probably pull off mediums or large, whichever you prefer. I have a 32"-36" waist, use Abena M4s, and have used both medium and large ABU Space diapers and thought while they fit differently, they both fit comfortably IMO. As Pampers4u pointed out, depending on your preferences and body type you may find you prefer one fit over the other.

Overall, I'd say mediums would probably fit you the most naturally, but your best bet would be to order a sample or two of each size, and then order the smallest pack possible of the size you prefered and go from there.
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