ABU Kiddo Medium Waist Size


  1. Diaper Lover

I am in between ABU Kiddo Medium and Large. Ideally I want a Medium as I like a tight fit, but want to make sure the tabs fit.

I wear 36 pants mostly, sometimes 38 depending on sizes. Could fit in some 34 but tight.

Would medium tabs fit, or should I go for a Large? Thx for the help!
That’s right on the border. I’m only a little smaller than you and I like the fit of the mediums.

The only way to know is to order samples. ABU has a sample program that will give you a $5 discount on your next order if you order two sample items. Get a medium and a large and see how they fit for yourself.
I wear pants size 34. I fit better in large diapers. I accidentally ordered medium Bambino Catronaut diaper and was like oh man. But I went ahead and tried it, the wings barely overlaps but can get the hooks and loops to get on and was able to wear it. Next time I’m gonna make sure I order large. I’ve tried medium ATN and Abena but they don’t fit me so I had to turn them into boosters.
It's to say... But I'd try a large.
I'm a 32" inch waist in most trousers but occasionally a 34". Medium fit me well. They sit on my hips due to tape position which is lower than other ones I wear. I think with a 36" waist they may be too tight