ABU Diapers Sold on Amazon Now?


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Did anyone else notice that ABU diapers are being sold on Amazon now? There are a few that are missing but they have everything from little kings to alphagators! It makes me happy to see because now I can order to a locker for a few of them. Making it a lot more convenient to have them delivered. With roommates and family I always found it hard to have things delivered straight to home. They are a little more pricy on Amazon, but with the shipping cost differences it adds out to about the same.
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Yea. I ordered the PeekABU on Monday and got them on Wednesday night. So excited to have received them. Yea. It’s pricey for one package which is about the same from the vendor.
This Girl has order in the pass many times !
Mostly when I want to wear a different and cuter kind of diaper for change !!
Amazon has carried pink princess for quite a while. Peek Abu is probably new for them. I’m glad to see Amazon carrying more abdl diapers as I can only order by the bag and not the case as I don’t have the ability to hide a case worth of diapers.
Canadian or American Amazon?
I have once ordered SDK from Amazon but haven’t seen it on it lately.
Shipping prices via Amazon are expensive.
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BabyTweetyBird said:
Shipping prices via Amazon are expensive.
There was no cost for shipping for me cuz I’m a paid member of Amazon.