ABU... Diapers per package?


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I can not remember, and for the life of me can not find how many diapers are in a package of PEEKABU's? I am sure somebody knows... thanx.
Last time I bought them it was 10. I believe all of their diapers are 10 to a bag.
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Yup, I think all ABU diapers come in packs of 10
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Thank you.

Then yes, a single package of PEEKABU's is 40 dollars. Although very cute and Momma2moosey loves them, cloth is economically superior. Perhaps when they get their new shipment in a case will be cheaper, but if it is still closer to 4 dollars /diaper this little moose's butt will not be wrapped in them. For 25% less than 1 package of PEEKABU, I can purchase a superior Birdseye, cloth, night time prefold and use it for the next 3-4 years! There definitely needs to be more competition in the AB disposable market.