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I'm surprised no one has already posted about this (unless I missed the thread, which is also possible). ABU recently sent out an email/made a post explaining their 4 different diaper fits/cuts. I know it seems kind of obvious that ABDL companies have various templates that multiple designs share, but I think this is the first time ABU has named their templates and explained which diapers are of which and how the fits differ; I'm a big fan of this kind of information. Before, you might have been able to group them together based on their size ranges. It is nice that they now clarify which designs are of which fit so it's easier to relate them to each other, instead of having to piece it together on your own.

Tykables has a similar thing with their "diaper types" categorized by absorbancy, and I've found you can group Rearz designs together by their absorbancy ratings as well.

Anyone else find this information useful and/or interesting? Did anyone already have this figured out before?
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It might be the first time it's all listed in one place, but they have definitely not been shy about saying what is part of the same shell on other forums/twitter. Or when the products were announced. When they came out with Simple, Space, and Little Paws in short succession it was very clear they were just tweaks to the plastic.

If you've tried a lot of them, you probably know too just by site and feel. But good to see it all laid out!
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I followed your link and found it interesting,

It would be a lot more useful if more than just a very few diapers were in stock and I could order them.

A bit over two years ago I explored the ABUniverse with a mixed case of eight different bags of four tape printed diapers and liked them all.

Now half of them are in the vault (including my second favorite Bare Bums) and two others are sold out (including my favorite, Bunny Hopps).

I also bought a white onesie (my first), and got it down to the right size by washing in hot water and drying it on high heat. A glance at that section of the website showed that two of the four style categories were sold out.

I was thinking about getting a bag each of the Little Kings and AlphaGatorz to try along with some past favorites, but there are too few available right now for me to bother.

Instead I decided to explore the Land Of Genie with one bag each of their prints. All of them were in stock. I also got several pieces of clothing and all of them were in stock. Before ordering I communicated by email to be sure.
People have definitely noticed this. There are tons of posts on this site alone about ABU and how each diaper fits or doesn't fit. I wouldn't call it useful at all considering the information has been discussed amongst their customer base for years.

And considering their explanation comes to us years after they have designed and distributed these diapers it seems more like a gimmick than anything.