ABU Cushies vs Littlepawz

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Have searched this online and here as well as ABU's site but can't find a comparison.

Bought ABU Cushies (older, not 2nd version) before and am now considering buying their Littlepawz.

What, aside from print, are there differences? I understand the double vs single tape and claimed higher absorbency. Is the plastic backing the same (aside from print)? What about the leg gathers?

As none of these are cheap, I would love to know other's experience before placing an order.

Anyone tried both?
The Littlepawz are superior in almost every way, except for price, of course. The Premium line (i.e. Littlepawz, Space, and Simple) has significantly more absorbency, and personally I believe the double tape system fits better than single tapes. Also, in my experience, the Premium line is a lot more comfortable. When you're laying down, say, other than the bulk, you might forget you're even wearing it. Honestly, because the price isn't much more, I would go with Littlepawz. Have fun!
To reiterate what 417 said: I've tried both and personally prefer the littlepawz/space. They fit better that the single tape cushies, especially having a bigger waist (40").
I can't seem to get the right fit with cushies, regardless of how i position the tapes.
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