ABU Cushies Cloth-Backed

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I ordered a sample of ABU Cloth-Backed Cushies and I loved them so much I bought a case of 80. They are better quality than any other diaper I have tried so far. They are still disposable but just have a soft outer backing. The best part about these is that they have Velcro tabs which in my opinion is way way way better than plastic tape tabs. They are adjustable to no limit and hold very well. Does anyone know any other disposable diapers that have Velcro tabs and awesome prints?
If I remember right the new Bambino Hybrid is supposed to have Velcro refasten-able tabs. Maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong
Though I haven't tried the Bambino hybrid, the Cushies may actually be one of the best cloth backed around, even though they're not all that great compared to plastic-shelled. Northshore has had a nice pullup "tubesock" diaper for awhile you might try too.
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