ABU always out of stock?!


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With all the different sites and businesses that sells incontinence supplies, ABU again seems to be hitting a wall of no stock items. I am beginning to think this is intentional to increase urge and promote impulse buying. Most other sites I seen are not having any issues if any like this.

Any opinions?
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That sometimes feels that way doesn't it. They just recently went to free shipping so maybe a lot of people bought when that was announced.
I noticed that even before they went to free shipping especially with all the medium size diapers selling out like hot cakes.
For real! The Kiddos and Dinorawrz in medium have been out of stock for weeks. I’ve had this $10 off trial code for so long and still can’t use it.
I mean they do have the closest thing to a baby diaper right now in terms of color/design. Something people have been wanting since abdls basically existed so makes sense they be sold out pretty often.

Sort of good IMO because hopefully the funds can go towards advancing the company to bring more products to us and what not.
Just hopefully the don't become complacent.

A good example of why that is bad is bambinos IMO. They didn't do anything to their products until abu started taking all the thunder, and now they are trying to play catch up to even compete on the same level. Fixed printing pretty much raised the bar significantly and basically if you don't have it now , you are sort of just in the meh category.

Bambino only has like 1 maybe 2 ok designs but they just don't compare to anything abu has. Although I do wish they bring back the old teddie bears all over print.