Abriform smell?

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So I have always noticed when I wet an abriform, it gives of a very odd odor that I never smell with any other diaper. I personally love the smell of a wet diaper when I'm wearing it, but not when I'm wearing an abriform. I always make sure I wear my plastic pants when I wear abriforms to keep in smell.

Anyone else notice this?
I've noticed some Abenas tend to have worse odor control, more of the cloth backed ones specifically that I remember.
Odor control has always been Abena's weakness over the ten years and at least ten varieties I've tried, fortunately the better types are so good as to make up for that shortcoming.
I have always noticed this. I wouldn't say it's a bad smell, but it's definitely different to all other nappies.
Thanks for pointing that out. I was considering them, but since I'm 24/7, I don't think I'm going to use those, especially at work >///>
Definitely get an od smell from them. It's one of the reasons why I stopped using them 24/7 and switched to Tenas.
The best smelling diapers were the OLD Indas slip maxi, stinking of aloe vera.
I note Forma Care XPlus have an unusual smell also, can't say I've noticed anything with the Abri Forms.
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