Abri-San Air Plus as a daily diaper

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I bought a case of Abri-San Air Plus size 9 a while back. They are comparable in capacity to a Abri-Form PLUS (M2). Abri-San are pads that are inserted into form fitting underwear. I bought some pairs specially made to hold pads when I bought my case.

So far, I am fairly impressed with how they hold up. I don't wet a lot while at work, but they have yet to come close to leaking. They have leg guards, but I question if they would hold up well in all situations. They are also that cloth like backing, which is quite and discrete.

I find it easier to wear these around than diapers. I think it's mostly because it looks like I'm wearing real underwear (much like the depends pull-ups?). You can order smaller sizes or regular Abri-Form's if capacity isn't your thing. It still gives you that padded and between the legs feeling many people enjoy.

Anyways, I thought some people may be interested in staying "padded" for slightly less than a full diaper price. $0.98 vs $1.14 by the case.
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