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I was just about to place an order on the Bambino site for their Bianco because of wanting a product that works and doesn't look babyish in case my wife catches me with it on.

However, I have read a couple of reviews which mention the tapes not being properly located, not allowing you to get a good fit on the bottom tapes around the legs.

I don't know about you, but I think this is pretty important to get right on a tabbed diaper! A benefit over pull-ups, since you can avoid leaks where they are most likely to happen.

I have tried protective tab style briefs in the past which had this same problem (tapes do not line up well) and it was not only annoying when trying to put on correctly, but a waste of $ because they simply did not seal up between the legs.

I like a product where I can make sure it's on straight, align the tops (front and back), and then come up with the tapes NATURALLY, without having to adjust one way or the other to grab the diaper near the leg cuff.

Anyone else feel the same with Bambino products (any one which DOESNT Seem to have this problem?) or any other products?

I've used Bambino sense pretty much as long as they've been available. I've never had any problems with the tapes. No problem with coming unstuck, popping, or being misplaced.

Now, that said, every diaper fits everyone differently. Your personal mileage may vary.

For my money, Bambino makes the one of the best diapers I've ever used. Haven't tried the new ABU space diaper, hope to soon. I've used SDK and Cushies, Dry 24/7, most of the Molicare line, and Abena. All good diapers, but I'll take a Bellismo over them. The only diaper I've liked more was AwwSoCute. I'd wear them all the time if they weren't so expensive. But, they are.
I'll weigh on on the bambinos a little. Like corry said, different models of diapers fit differently, people fit differently, and how far off you are from their size varies since different diapers size differently. It's really hard to take anything for granted without just trying it yourself.

Bambino's lower tapes are on the high side, closer to each other than some. IMHO most diapers don't put the lower tapes low enough. But it depends on where you need to stick them on the front. If you're aiming for the lower edge of the tape panel, that's probably about right. But in a lot of cases I like to go below that so I get a better seal around my legs.

As for the tapes not sticking, yes I'd say bambino tapes don't stick as well. Although there's a retape panel, it's more there for front strength to avoid tears than moving tapes. Keep the front panel clear of powder and lotion and don't move the tape and you'll probably be fine. As with any diaper with front and rear elastic, don't tape the tops too tight or you may break a tape.

A lot of the comficare style diapers have the lower tapes farther from the uppers, and this creates a very different feeling fit, you get more of a pull from the lower left and right in the back, and more coverage in the front on the lower left and right.
It depends on your body shape, and different brands will fit differently.

Bambino remains my longstanding favorite because the fit seems ideal for my body. The medium Bambinos have a lower rise than many brands (I'm short) and the lower tapes are positioned high enough to give a good fit around my chunky thighs.

As a comparison, Comficare (Crinklz) diapers are cut and sized nearly identical to Bambino, but the bottom tapes are positioned lower. This gives me a terrible fit, very uncomfortable and prone to leaks at the legs.

It's hard to determine how a product will fit just by reading about it. Best bet is to buy a sample pack and try it out.

One last comment--I have never had an issue with Bambino tapes sticking, that goes for both the narrower old ones and the wide new tapes. I've never quite understood all the complaints about Bambino tapes. It is true, however, that they lose stickiness if they are unfastened and refastened a lot. I'm able to get a decent fit on the first or second stick and don't have any problems with the tapes coming undone after that.
Never had problems with Bambinos. They fit me better than any diaper out there.

Tapes are great too. On rare occasion I've gotten a batch where one tape doesn't stick quite as well, or something, but by and large they stick well and are good for more retapings. If I wake up dry I usually wear the same diaper again the next night and have no problems with it staying on.
It's perfectly fine to not purchase a case of Bambinos. You can get another brand and wrap those legs to your heart's content. A lot of people enjoy doing that: They will tape the lower tabs right to the very elastic that meets the legs, as tight as they can get it, on a design that facilitates that. But I prefer to tape the lower tapes closer to the top, which will hold the leg gathers in just to my liking. And I have never had a problem with tape cutting into my skin, nor have I ever leaked when attaching in that sort of fashion.

I'll give you this: NOBODY comes close to Bambino in the quality of design, materials, and workmanship. For the money, the Bellissimos are top notch. They are still even better than the ABU Space diapers, as the Bellissimo plastic is smoother, even feeling somewhat slippery on the outside compared to ABU's offering in their Space product. And this is why Bambino will sell out on a routine basis. The demand is huge, because they are known to be the best on the market, at any price. Bambino made their Bellissimos to compete with the likes of DryCare and Fabine. But that's an under statement, because the Bellissimos out-shine everybody else except for the now defunct Comficares, with which the only difference was an even softer plastic with the Comficares than the Bambinos already have.
ABU has released the all white diaper. It's equal to Bellissmos in tend if quality and performance. basically a upgraded Bianco.
MeTaLMaNN1983 said:
ABU has released the all white diaper. It's equal to Bellissmos in tend if quality and performance. basically a upgraded Bianco.

I've got some coming, and they better arrive next week or I'll be outa town and depressed about it! Though the best initial guess is it's a Space diaper by design and just has the all white shell. So that being the case, we'll know what to expect for performance anyway.
I just bought some of the white ones and they are great. More then likely the best i have ever had on.
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