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Well I haven't added to this yet, so hey why not now.

My name is Alex, if you needed me to tell you that I'm not too sure the story board is for you :p

I think like most writers, I'm a mood writer, if I'm not in mood either it's garbage or i don't do it all. I am not too sure what I would describe my style as, maybe I'm a theme and emotive writer, emotive in the sense of tone. Though feedback from other places on my some of my early works suggested I provoked a bit of emotion too. Some people write with a plan in mind, they know what's going to happen, and where it's going to go, how it's going to end. I don't really do that, like in my life, I can't live or write to a plan, I don't like goals I prefer to set off in a vague direction and see where it takes me. Some of what I do is unintentional, I'll freely admit that. Sometimes I set out to just write a story, and in fact that mostly what I do. But as I've read back and compared to what I wrote to when I wrote it, it says a lot. My early works were dark, very dark. I may look into bringing in a piece of my earlier works, but we'll see. So there's a little bit about me, feel free to fire questions my way, and if you read my stories, feel free to provide some respectful feedback and pick my brains if you want.