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Introduce your self,MegaChar!

Ok? Hi there!Im the 18 year old guy that goes by MegaChar but you can also call me MegamanDX if you perfer to not talk about diapers and the related to me(In not all crazy for diapers you know!). I am going to start collage in the fall to study in computer science and also video game science as well. I curently run a small group called The Pokemon Improvement Project which is not about Pokemon entirely but to find people that want to change the world and are also different them selfs and like things that are different. I also love to work on computers and take them apart and put them back together again and love making computer run faster but I tend to also do some free lance story typing and video game story typing also.

Can you explane the sort of stories you write MegaChar?

I can!I can! Since the storys I usually type are usually very short like around 3000-10000 words but my main storys I can write are for the fan made games I wish to make as my life long dream is to type up every story for the Pokemon Shooting Star series which comprizes of 27 storys that tell about the adventures of the three Pokemon Shooting Stars which are about a Pikachu,a Zoroark and a human from our world, adventures,reincarnations ect...Most of the storys in this series you can expect me typing around 100,000 to 1,000,000 words but I havent started on any of then yet but the small storys in the series I get done first...

My inspiration for the series came from a few years ago from how simular the Megaman Battle Network and the Pokemon series was,how the game play,battle system was so close to the same...The I started coming up with ways on how that could happen, how I could merge Megaman Battle Network and Pokemon in a form of a crossover and after three months of thinking I finally had it and thats how the series took off...The Pokemon Shooting Stars were born!

In relation to diapers,I dont type up many diaper related storys because I feel that the storys would be all about diapers if thats what the subject would be about...But in one case,I did type up a small story in the subject of diapers and it was on par with other storys I type up

Here is some of what I plan to type,most of these storys are main stream storys so they will have no reference to diapers what so ever:

Pokemon Battle Network: Beta: Have not started

Pokemon Battle Network: Preview Edition: Finished and viewable here, TEEN: Pokemon Battle Network Flame & Grass Edition Fan Game Beta Fanfic

Pokemon Battle Network: Four Seasons: Have not started

Pokemon Shooting Star: Secrects of a Shooting Star ADISC.org Edition: Finished but going through editing right now.

Pokemon Shooting Star: Secrects of a Shooting Star(normal version): Have not started yet

The Real Life of a Shooting Star: Will not begin untill im 40 years old as this is my biography)

Pokemon Shooting Star main series:

Pokemon Battle Network: Flame and Grass Edition: At 32.3% compleate
Pokemon Battle Network 2: Heart and Soul Edition: Have not started
Pokemon Battle Network 3:Ruby and Safire Edition: Have not started
Pokemon Batttle Network 4: Diamond and Pearl Edition: Have not started
Pokemon Battle Network 4.5: Zoroark's Revenge Specal Edition: Have not started
Pokemon Battle Network 5: Black and White Edition: Have not started
Pokemon Battle Network 5.5: Wii's Final Adventure: Have not started
Pokemon X
Pokemon X ii
Pokemon X iii
Pokemon Zero
Pokemon Zero ii
Pokemon Zero iii
Pokemon Battle Network 6: Mystery Dungeon: Green Rescue Team

And there four more series I wont tell about but you get the idea...This is my life long dream to compleate the series

Oh! And did you know that im a beginer story typer?

Do you want to say anything that you to say to your fans? (or readers in general)

I promish that even tho im a beginer at story writing,I will do my very best to make you happy with the storys that I tell because usually you will not find video games with storys from real lifes so I will do what they dont do...I will do the impossable for you because its ultimatly you that matters the most

Would you like to mention anything else that you like all readers to see? (Please remember MegaChar: keep it polite)
I think i said everything that I can say for now but ill say this again,im in this for you...My dream is that I want you, the reader to be happy with what I can do for you.

Thank you...

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Hey all *waves shyly*, my names Chance, I'm seventeen still in high school but I'm going to go collage next year hopefully, if I save up enough money. Anyway I haven't been part of ADISC for that long, I only joined a couple days ago as a matter of fact...but I wanted to share a story that I am currently in the posses of writing with the rest of the community. I manly write babyfur stories but that can be debated since I'm only still writing one, anyway I hope you all like it and yeah.

- Chance

Ps. *hands you all a cookie*


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Hello there, I'm TheFoxxehAssassin (Also known as Foxxeh, TFA, or...well, I can't think of any other nicky-names at the moment, but I'll let ya know if something pops into my mind. ;3) I've been around here since April 2008, and back then I was much less mature and than I am now. Yay! ^^ I just turned 17 years old and I'm going to be a junior in high school this year. Although, I'm homeschooled at the moment due to a chronic health problem, so I have free time do to waste, like I'm doing right now...

I don't really write TB/DL stories. It's just not my thing yet; I tend to write heavily emotional stories that have some kind of tragedy within them, if not several. I suppose if I were to write one, it would probably not be terribly happy. I should probably try branching out a bit by writing a comedy or something. We need more of those 'round here!

My very first story here was simply called WWII; I started writing it when I was 9, and for some reason I decided to post it here, four years later. I always wondered if I was going to finish it...I guess I answered my own question, eh? I wouldn't even read it; trust me, it's not worth it. xD

My first real story on ADISC was The Perfect Shot, written from December '08 - April '09. Looking back, this was actually a good story, and I'm pretty impressed with some of the writing elements I used when I was 13 years old. My second story was Brothers, and that was written from February '09 - May '12. It is by far my most popular story, and I still have yet to learn why. This is my first "masterpiece," though it is technically unfinished.
My third story was Revenge, started in August of '09. I really wish I had done more with this, it actually wasn't bad.
My fourth story was The End of Time, which was written as a one-shot in October '09. It was actually written for the Halloween Stories Contest, which I doubt many people remember. I really liked what I did with this story; I might just make another one like it as a little "2012" gift to everyone.
My fifth and most recently started story is Nicky, started in August '12. This is kind of a sequel to Brothers, but at the same time it isn't. I suppose it goes like this: Brothers is a prologue to Nicky that is meant to be read after you read Nicky, if that makes any sense. Probably not; oh well, it made sense in my head. :D

Oh, and I've got some poetry on here. So lots of stuff!~ :3 I love comments on my story, and I suppose I've been a bit too conceited lately about the types of comments I receive. Enjoy my stories, and there's always more to come! :)



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I'm SubterreananSun. I'm a 22 year old male living in America. Absolutely boring, right? I'm writing Diaper Lovers stories, without much AB content. Haven't actually tired diapers yet:sad:.


Inspired by the concept of furries: White Ears


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I am HokieABDL and I am an ABDL.

As of this brief bio, I am a one-story author of something in progress. I'm mostly a right-brain so attempting a story is new to me, but I wanted to express my fantasy with a story:


I live in central Virginia and am an avid Virginia Tech football fan (how'd you guess? lol.) I am a nearly 40-year-old who works in embedded software design and programming.

That's my story and I'm sticking with it (no bad pun intended).


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I'm Shadowhawk. Well, I'm actually Ben. I'm a writer I guess. I usually write whatever I'm in the mood for at the time whether it be horror or something a bit more positive, or even things that are a little bit less then appropriate. I don't write TB stories, unless it's for a commission, because I usually get all of my TB feelings out in life, not on paper. Some of my stories do have TB aspects or diapers, but that's usually because I try to put myself into my work in one way or another. Most of my stories have never and will never make it onto here, and the only one I actually have on here isn't even finished. I have a major problem with loosing interest in my work, and I'd rather just stop and leave the story as is instead of feel obligated to write an ending or any sort of continuing. I write for myself first, readers second. The other reason a lot of my work isn't on any sites is because I either think it is bad writing or a bad story, or I just wanted the story to be an outlet for any emotion I was feeling or idea I had. Half my stories aren't written to be read despite how odd that might sound to some.

I think that's all for now. If I continue I'd simply end up repeating myself.
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Hi, I'm Jon. Just finished my psychology degree at UNLV. I work at Apple. I love writing; It's my one passion I am always looking to get better at. It's also the reason I love to read too. My favorite stories are coming of age tales, like Perks of Being a wallflower, Harry Potter, David Copperfield, The Catcher in the rye, etc. My story, The Tale of Julius falls along the lines of that but with the paradox of infantilism. Stories should have character development, so writing a good story should be more than a character who gets diapered all the time (as someone who likes diapers, I find this utterly boring). My goal is to one day have a novel published. I also want to help juveniles in the system as a psychologist. I'm an AB. Dream of living in Seattle (almost there!) Hope you guys get a chance to read my story. I love feedback, positive or negative, so long as it's specific. Thanks :D

The Tale of Julius


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Hello, my name is Hayley, I have always loved writing and love to set myself a task like "write a 4 page story ending in the following phrase, ..." As this is a popular exam q for end of school, I have stopped writing stories and want to start, I will also be doing poetry here.

Thanks, the Raven


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Hey everyone! Samantha here. I've been writing for as long as I can remember, and have participated in NaNoWriMo since 2006. I've 'won' nano 5 times. I've never written a story that has had diapers as a primary plot point, but they've been mentioned in other works that I've written. I discovered a very short beginning of a story that I must have started at some point tonight while I was browsing my files. I've decided to pursue this topic and we'll see what happens.

I generally write (or so it seems) crime dramas and TG based themes in stories. (My TG works that I've decided to show to the internet are located here: Samantha Jenkins | BigCloset)

As far as the rest of the stories go, there is a fair amount of BDSM, although it's not really a major plot point (with the exception of one novel...) My current works include a sequel to a crime drama that I wrote for Nano in 2010, and a story that has been tentatively titled "Extreme Measures" that deals with the number of boys being born outnumbering the girls by 60:1. The title comes from the way that they've come up with to save the human race...

I think that's all that I need to blather about now. If you want to know more, feel free to PM me...




Name's Salsamander. I like the Super Mario Brothers movie. Yeah, I know.

Thus far, I've been a lurker, but recently I've decided I should actively participate, since that's what we all came here to do, right? Being a creative type with an inclination towards writing, I decided that that was how I would do it.

I've actually written diaper fiction before, hosting it on a site called nyoufiction (ever heard of it?). I decided to go elsewhere, since it's not that notable and some of the content on there is, let's say, "questionable". The two stories I had (and still have, but not for much longer) on there were pretty rough but well-recieved. That's all the experience I have, so I would still consider myself a novice.

As for AB/DL content, my stories are (and will be) more DL than AB (reflecting my own preferences), but both will be prominent. I'm not terribly into age regression, furry, or humiliation content, but I'll experiment. Men, women, and everyone outside of those categories can and will be diapered (provided they're over 18), but women more so. I've recently gotten into cross dressing, so expect some sissy content as well. Diapers will also be *ahem* used, so if you don't like that kind of thing, my stories might not be for you. Nothing too ridiculous, but enemas and the like will be present. Speaking of which, light BDSM content won't be uncommon.

In plot, characters, setting and the like, my stories will be very diverse. I will write both original content and fan fiction (I've got an Evangelion epic brewing, in fact). In general, expect a darker tone, fight scenes, trippy sequences, satire, camp, cultural references, and godawful puns. I'm going to attempt to tackle some sort of theme with each of them, but the theme will probably tackle me first.

Also, feel free to critique and be as harsh as you need to. I won't get all pissy on you, I promise.

Expect something within the next couple days.


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Hi ADISCers!
I have an interest in writing cat stories, as you can see with my failed attempt of writing an ABDL story, I prefer not to write ABDL stories. I'll write stories such as-
Werewolf stories,
Cat stories,
and sometimes wolf stories.
Despite my real life diaper love, I prefer to just express my furry side on this site. My diaper thoughts stay in my head. I started putting stories on here because, well I love writing them, like any other writer. Stories like Lab Project 52 or Cody and The Baby start over program help me to think of ideas (somehow) and that is why I started.
I don't like having my real name floating around on the internet and I have privacy issues sometimes where I refuse to reveal what I look like, but I am happy to be called nicknames. Come up with anything you want as long as it isn't rude. Yep, I even accept the nickname mighty joe! ^^ that's how messed up my brain is.


This actually looks interesting. I can't believe I never thought of taking advantage of this thread. O_O Well, here it goes...

My name is Kimi. I'm a huge fan of Loki from the Marvel movies. I also adore Tom Hiddleston as well. I am a little who loves to watch kiddie cartoons, collect stuffed animals and enjoy my inner child. I started writing when I was in the fifth grade. My first story was about two of my cousins when they were between six and nine. It involved them going into a scary house where they met casper for the first time. However, I didn't pick up writing again until my teen years. That's when I started to get into anime. It helped me to write fanfiction based on the anime that I liked, especially my favorite pairings. Later on in life, I picked up on writing more original stories. I like writing about people with autism in first person. It helps provide some positive feedback to what having a disability is like. Most of my stories are the slice of life genre that many people find pretty boring.

Aside from that, I have high functioning autism, mild to moderate dyspraxia, ADHD, Severe anxiety and whole mess of other issues of my own. Writing isn't just writing stories either. It's evolved more into helping me express myself more, especially with my struggles to express myself verbally and emotionally. I am able to communicate quite well, and there are times when I act like everyone else most of the time. No one would ever suspect I have as many problems as I say.

Anyway, my first diaper story was How I Became a Teen Baby. It eventually evolved into an adult baby story though. My most recent story, though it's not AB-related, is called Summer Dreams. It takes place in my hometown and some of the locations are very true to my life and my memories.


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Hi, My names Skywishes (That's my pen name as well) and I'll keep this simple, I write stories involving the great Nation of Equestira (and all parallel universes that may branch off due to reasons unknown)! I MAY have a tendency to post Works In Progress BUT there is a valid reason, and that reason is I LOVE FEEDBACK! The more feedback I revive, the better my story's GET! However, I'm not 100% into diaper stories ATM but that is something I hope to branch into in the very near future.

ANYWAY, my current WIP is "The New Lunar Republic: How It All Began" and I will be posting small segmants here that I want feedback on! HOWEVER, Any Future works will be posted here ASWELL as my Fimfictiton account (Ask for the link if you want it) AND my DeviantArt (Ask for the link if you want it).

I welcome ALL feedback, positive AND negative, so feel free to say the bad as well as the good!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


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Hey, i am Zenka, I always was fond of stories but some of them were not to my liking so i started to write my own. The first one i even Posted was under the Alias of Caelos (i liked the name but then my friend started to get mad because he liked that name too, so i dropped it. Anyways, i was banned from there 2 years ago for being underaged)

To tell the truth, it sucked so bad a toddler could have done better. It was forced, not even 200 words, and had no relative plot with little to no dialog. But i got a comment, a guy saying, "It was nice, keep up the good work" I was motivated to write more and thus came up with an idea. It was in 3 parts, the past, the present, and the future. it was a story of a Nekomimi, (for those who do not know what that is, it is a person, in this case a female with cat ears and a tail.) the past being a DL story, when she was around 8 years old and sold as a slave in a specific pet shop. she was then treated as a baby of her master (no, the story is not available.)

Then in the present she is one of the first Anthros to go to public school after ownership and slavery of them had been banned. The story never got posted except for the first part (ask nicely and i might just find it for you), then i messed up the second part and kinda gave up writing. I have been trying but then find myself sucked into the world of games, distracted from my writing.

Anyways, i would like to start writing again and hope that i have improved anything by a bit at the least.


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Hi. I'm Feeka. I write a lot of stuff, but I really like writing stories with some sort of transformation in them. (I count physical age regression as transformation since...well, it is.)

Transformation stories are already a niche market, and nonsexual transformation stories like mine are few and far between outside of books for little kids, so I guess there's not much money I can make out of my writing passion just yet.

Anywho, just thought I'd slap out some stories directly onto the forum whenever I was bored. I hope you guys get a kick out of them!


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Hey there! Foxfan1992 (also known as Friendly or by my RL name Harry)

I've posted a few of my stories here for feedback and also just for others to enjoy. I'm not that big into age-regression so I don't tend to write those sorts of stories. The characters I usually write about are between the ages of three and twelve, though occasionally going a bit further into adolescence and adulthood (as caretakers only); and can either be human or anthro-furry characters.
My fursona is Friendly - a kindhearted young Red Fox. He loves more than anything to go out and play with his friends - especially his best friends Timothy the raccoon and Jake the German Shepherd. Friendly's hobbies include transportation (trains, buses, boats, planes), riding bikes, reading, and swimming. Friendly is a fantastic babysitter too.

With my stories I tend to stick to two different 'realities'. The first has Friendly, Jake and Timothy as cubs (Friendly 9, Jake 6 and Timothy 5) all enjoying childhood adventures together such as riding bikes, camping, playing at the park, and also going on vacation every now and again to somewhere far, far away. The other reality has Friendly being an adolescent babysitter (around 17 or so) looking after Timothy (age 3) who is struggling to master his potty-training. I usually roleplay these timelines with other furries so they can join in from time-to-time, and perhaps write it up as a 'spin-off' story.

Lately I haven't been able to write many stories due to work taking up most of my time, when I'm not working I'm relaxing from the stresses of work or planning my next trip to somewhere far away. (It's been January since anything like that happened though). I do hope to write more and maybe see if I can polish some of my other stories up for possible publication, either by a publisher or by self-publishing. (Undecided at present).

That's me anyway. Feel free to check out some of my stories whether they're posted here, or on FA. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/foxfan1992


Hi, I'm Orange. Here's a bunch of facts about me: I'm a bitter old Jewish man trapped in a 21-year-old militant agnostic's body. I write fiction, occasionally I write abdl fiction, the rest of the time I write fiction that's weirder than most non-abdls would consider abdl fiction. (try to imagine a hermaphrodite made up of mathematical topologies simultaneously fighting and debating an axle where the topic of debate is the limits of finite consciousness in an infinite universe and the battleground is octonion space. Yeah, I cater to a niche audience and it's a BITCH to get published.) I used to be addicted to sobriety, but I've made it these past four years without it. I had a really well paying job but I quit because it was really stressful and it was making me an asshole, but before that I was poor as dirt so I don't really need much to get by. The lack of Walker Blue and having to cook my own food kinda sucks though. I'm pretty damn lazy but still manage to output short stories, poems, songs and gadgets at a decent pace. I live in one of the coldest places in the world where December-February isn't just cold it's actually lethal. I get called a dirty russian a lot (usually it's endearing <3) even though I'm way more swedish than russian. Apparently I had somewhat of a tragic childhood but to me it was just childhood so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, though that may explain some of my abdl-ness. I'm a sucker for lit from rossiya, I own an anti-tank rifle that's a lot of fun to shoot but also bloodcurdlingly expensive to shoot so it never gets used and just takes up space in my apartment. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of AFVs, naval gear and missiles. I've got 10+ largish scars, most of them self inflicted but from being a dumbass not being depressed. I used to be one of my city's more prolific graffiti artists and so I am an avid urban explorer as well. I exist in the liminal, broh and I always keeps it real.

Haha, that got went a lil' deeper than most of the other ones up here, but I'm pretty comfy with myself so here y'all go.


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About Larikaz:
I've been writing for a very long time, but didn't bother with diaper stories until I discovered myself. Previous stories I've posted don't really belong here, and I've stopped writing those kinds of stories. I like the rules here, and I abide by them. I welcome feedback, though don't expect me to change the story based on it.
As of now, I'm writing about only one main diapered character. So look forward to lots of that.


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My name is Kimi. I'm an autistic writer. I love to write stories involving various disabilities, mostly like my own. I do this because I feel as though it promotes awareness to such things. There's so much people don't know or understand, and I've always wanted to try and break stereotypes etc to show people what it's like to have autism for example. I've also been writing off and on since the fifth grade. I didn't really start to pick it up until my mid to late teens. Then, I was attempting fanfiction, which often failed for me. I now write original fiction stories. :3