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This thread is for authors to briefly:

  1. Introduce themselves. (you can do this with a link to your intro thread, if you like)
  2. Explain the sort of stories they write.
  3. Say anything they'd like to say to their fans (or readers in general)
  4. Mention anything else that they'd like all readers to see. (remember: keep it polite)

If you're an author, go ahead and reply. :)

Credit for the idea of this thread goes to Mikeru117.


Diaperfur, Sissy
About the Author: Mikeru117​

Heya guys! Mikeru117 here; the inspiration for this thread! After talking in the IRC with Moo, Tripped, and several other people; Moo decided to sticky this little thread into the SIP forum!

Now, onto me. My name is Mikeru117, formally known as BabyMikey117, formally known as Darksparlightspar, and formally known as that kid who was lurking on a ton of diaper sites at age 10. My writing in the TB world started back when I was ten. You could say that I’ve always been a TB. Since I was little, I’ve always loved diapers and baby stuff. I know, SO original! I came out to my parents at age 10 about being a TB, but that didn’t go too well. (Non-sexual side of things) For some reason though; they were totally okay with me being gay at age 11. Who would’ve thought? Anyways; I had a little journal that I would keep every day after school. After getting the brilliant idea to write a digimon story down, I wrote my first (Never to be shown or publicized) TB fan-fic!

Skip 4 years into the future to the year 2009 . My parents started accepting (And now totally) the fact that I’m a TB, and that it’s not going to be changing! I was browsing through a site called “Diapered Anime” when I saw they had a fiction section! I came across a story by “TBSparky.” It was a digimon fan fic. I flipped back the memories in my head till I remembered my own digimon story. Then it hit me. “Why can’t I be a writer?” And so, I wrote my second story. This one was the first that people saw. My word was it bad! Bad with a capital B! I was so terrible at writing back then! The story I wrote was called “The New Digidestined” and it was received generally well. That caused me to want to write more. After writing another chapter or two, I just lost interest in writing.

Skip now to the present, 2010. I’m now 15 years old, still TB on the non-sexual side of things, and a rather successful TB writer. I eventually re-wrote “The New Digidestined” twice. The first time it kept its same name from DA, but a later re-do of the story was titled “Digimon: Resurrect” meaning that I was bringing back my old digimon story. I was banned from DA (For being under-aged) in early 2010; and so I moved onto Gaiaonline.com’s infantilist guild. I was inspired once more to write a story… an epic tale of adventure, deceit, love and betrayal! That little idea spawned the story “Steal Me Away.” Looking back? It wasn’t an ‘amazing’ story, but it did have its strong points! Afterwards, I came to ADISC.Org and posted it. After a small group of people had read my story and told me that they liked it, I decided to make a sequel! This spawned “Love Me Away,” my first big hit! I was so enthralled that I continued to write; and to this day (November 25’th, 2010) I’m still at it as a rather successful writer here on ADISC.Org, Gaia’s Infantilist guild (to which I am now a mod on) and other miscellaneous sites.

I’m also known to many as “The Angry Diaper Story Nerd,” having created a rather popular set of story reviews that I continue to write. The next review has been delayed in writing and release due to me being VERY very busy! But, it’s on the way.

I’m currently in the process of posting the remaining chapters of Kill Me Away, and working on other future projects that can’t be discussed at this time.

*Available works*

Steal Me Away (2010)

Love Me Away (2010)

Kill Me Away (2010)

Tai’s Fall (2010)

Tai's Fall: Rebirth (2010) (Edited version of Tai’s fall with better spacing, grammar and an added chapter)

The Story Of Mikeru The Wolf (2010)

Ronin's Bad Morning (2010)

Digimon Resurrect (2010)

*Non story based works*

The Angry Diaper Story Nerd - Reviews (2010)
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Adult Baby, Babyfur, Other
Hello everyone, I'm the very encourageable Tripped that has grown comfortable from this... https://www.adisc.org/forum/greetings-introductions/23610-new-nervous.html#post401885

As far as writing goes, I've started back in middle school if I remember correctly, and only in the last few years I have taken my works public. To say that I came out of the gate at the level I'm at now would be a lie. I've worked and worked to fine-tune my knack for the literary arts; all the while using my favorite authors as inspiration for when I get into a rutt.

As far as what I write, I like to tackle pretty much anything except for the...erm......I'll say 'adult material'. The one thing I try to do in any story I write, is bring across the motives and the ideals of the characters while the story progresses while still keeping the plotline exciting. Sometimes I'll just write something short and sweet that doesn't really need any explaining. The one thing that normally is found in my works is an element of loss or sadness to bring across an emotional attachment from the text to the reader. As far as content, I try to keep it clean of harsh language and horror movie style discriptions so it can be read by just about anyone.

I know I'm going to sound like a broken record now, but I found this site thanks to looking up information I needed for a story. Weird hunh?

Now for some shameless self promotion...errrrr available works to display.:sweatdrop:
http://www.adisc.org/forum/stories-progress/30499-trippeds-field-guide-story-writing.html#post507604 My humble guide to story writing.
http://www.adisc.org/forum/finished-stories/28568-choices-poem.html#post470407 First freestyle poem.
http://www.adisc.org/forum/finished-stories/28682-when-time-stands-still-poem.html#post473616 And a follow up to "Choices".
http://www.adisc.org/forum/stories-progress/26657-new-home-baby-nick.html#post443386 This is my personal favorite; my own brainchild.
Side note: alternate alias for non *B/DL works available upon request.

To those that follow my work - both publicly and or in silence, thank you. Your continued reading helps to keep me motivated when I hit a lull. Again, thank you.

To all the fellow writers/authors out there - keep the pen going and the ideas rolling.


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Adult Baby, Sissy, Other

My name is Ann Baby Gurl and I will be contributing to the story section soon. I am currently working on a story. This is not my first story I have ever written, for I have written several stories before. Mainly they were based on Anime or Video games and some originals and I have several fans for each story. Since I love being AB/LG I thought I would write an AB story.

Now more about me. I am 29 years old and I live in Georgia of the USA. I love hello kitty, Barbie, Disney movies and my passi! I also love Precious moments.

In some of my stories, you may see these things that I love, forgive me of this but it's what inspires me. If it's a story about a boy, you may see things I love that is boyish, like Thomas the tank engine or the lion king.

For the girls you may see a lot of hello kitty and I apologize for this but it inspires me!

I feel that I must introduce a special character, that I invented a really long time ago. Her name is Ann and I made her many years ago and has been in many of my stories. She is more like a double of myself, personality wise and even in looks. One of the things that does change for her though depending the story is her age. It really depends on the story.

The idea came a long time ago when I used to do online RP and the character I used was her. I had even did some art of her. I may even be inspired to draw a family portrait from my 1st story I will post here.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask anytime. Just send me a PM and I'll get back to you. Also I appreciate criticism I get but please make it constructive so I can better understand if I make mistakes, then maybe we can discuss it so I may correct them to make the story better.

Thank you for reading my introduction! :)

I will post a Link to my story soon!


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Hi everybody! *Hi Dr. Natsu!*

So I've been writing on here for a while now, and though I haven't completed any of the stories I've started, I am very close to finish one, and I'm in the process of writing a new one, which I do plan on finishing. I may not be as experienced as the others on the site, but I do consider myself a writer of short stories and such, so why not take some time and post a little "About Me" page?

After accepting my TB/DL side back in August, and reading a few of the great works here and elsewhere, I decided to try and write a story of my own. Roleplaying online was and still is a big part of my life, and ever since I was little my imagination has been working overtime, so thinking up a creative plot line with deep and complex characters wasn't that much of a challenge for me. However, the actual writing of the story is what always got me. I had a clear picture of what I wanted to write about in my head, but when it came to putting it on paper, I sucked.

I wrote my first story after having a strange DL related dream one night. As I thought about during school, and idea sparked in my mind, and I slowly began to think of a story. A very cliche story at that, but a story nevertheless. So, I started writing Long Distance, a basic "boy meets girl" kind of thing, but with diapers. I never finished said story, since my attention span, unfortunately, is sometimes very low, but I did take the comments I received from it and used them to my advantage.

Skip ahead about a month or two, and a new idea starts to form. If you talked to me, you would know that I'm a huge anime fan. Watching it, writing it, cosplaying, and all that jazz; I love it all! So, yet again, an idea starts to form. Though, unfortunately, this was above all my worst idea out of the five stories I've written. I decided to combine Soul Eater, a favorite anime of mine, with teen baby aspects....yeah, you can guess how that turned out. I only wrote two chapters, but I received constructive comments from my readers, and because of that, I've grown as a writer. I still love fan fiction, though never again will I write something like Soul Eater: Maka's Turmoil.

Time Warp to a few months later. Like anime, I'm also a huge fan of the (nowadays) semi popular card game Yu-Gi-Oh! I collect the cards, I play the game, I watch the anime, etc. So, new idea, why not try my hand at another fan fiction? So, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Next Generation was born. I decided to keep the diapers out of this one, since I had learned from my past mistakes, and using what I had learned through my previous mistakes, I made this story one of my best. Sure, it had it's flaws, but I will always have a little piece in my heart for said story. I wrote it in an anime style, while using the format of a story. I got some good feedback from it, as well as constructive criticism, so overall, I wouldn't be the same if I hadn't written that story.

So, after unfortunately abandoning my last fan fiction, I took a break from writing for a while. About a month or two ago, though, I started to form an idea once again. I'm a sissy, as you can see by my profile, but I had never really done anything to express my inner sissy feelings other than RP. Also, I noticed that there weren't many, if not any sissy related stories on the board. So, I decided to start my most successful story yet, The Two Kinds of Alex. In the beginning, it was basically a fantasy story, and I did get some negative feedback for making my character a transvestite, as well as negative feedback for not involving diapers in the story, but as time went on, the story became better, and my feedback became more and more positive. I'm almost done with said story, with only two chapters to go, and I'm proud to say that it will be my first completed story I have ever written before :3

Now, about three weeks ago, I started thinking of new story ideas for when I finished The Two Kinds of Alex. I'm a fan of stories in the fantasy genre, and I RP almost every day on the board. So I started writing my latest story, All of Our Prayers, a fantasy TB/DL work. I've never completed a TB story before, so I'm hoping that this will be my first. I have the story all set inside my mind, so all I have to do is put it on paper.

I've learned so much from writing here from so many different people. In a few short months, my range of vocabulary has expanded quite a lot, and my skills as a writer have grown as well. Criticism and comments, to me, are very important when I write. The comments are really what keeps me going, and I smile appears on my face whenever I see that someone gave me their feedback on a story. I plan to continue writing for a long time, maybe even make a career in writing anime when I'm old enough, and I hope you check out my stories in the future. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you on the board ;3.

Your friendly neighborhood Dragon Slayer,


Dead Stories:

http://www.adisc.org/forum/stories-progress/28550-long-distance.html (September 30th, 2010)
http://www.adisc.org/forum/stories-progress/31615-soul-eater-makas-turmoil-b-dl-fan-fic.html (December 15th, 2010) Read if you dare! Very bad :p
http://www.adisc.org/forum/stories-progress/33696-yu-gi-oh-gx-next-generation-non-b-dl.html (January 26th, 2011)

Stories In Progress:

http://www.adisc.org/forum/stories-progress/36348-two-kinds-alex.html (March 20th, 2011)
http://www.adisc.org/forum/stories-progress/38501-all-our-prayers-mature-content.html (April 28th, 2011)
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Diaper Lover, Incontinent

Greetings, I am relatively new to this site, though by no means a stranger to the DL community.

My contribution to any diaper related site is almost always in the form of fictional stories that I occasionally update. Anyone who visits other sites may remember or know me as "Pink nappies". As I got older this moniker started to seem a little crass so it was shortened to "Pink n" on a few sites, and now I go by the alias of simply "Pink".

I am originally from the U.K but have recently been alternating my time between there and Japan. Though while I will always refer to my own protection as nappies, I tend to write using U.S style vocabulary, i.e diapers. This came about in the early days when I realised that the target audience is largely American, and I had a few complaints along the lines of "I'd like your work but I can't seem to get used to the word 'nappy' when it should be diaper." People don't seem to do this much anymore but I guess the habit has just stuck! I've also started to notice that my work is taking on increasingly Japanese characteristics too, especially with regards to character influence, the school system, and other such common stimulae. I guess this is only to be expected since that is where my heart truly belongs!

I have been writing for close to ten years, though during that time there have been several periods of extended inactivity due to stress, illness, and persecution (yes, would you believe constant accusations can really demotivate a writer?) When I'm on form though, I can average maybe 2 chapter updates a month, and I take pride in the fact that I like to polish my work. The stories which I will post here are only the ones that I'm proud of. Know that I have several other efforts that either remain unfinished or were so long ago that now I can't bear to put my name to them!

So about my stories. I will freely admit that I'm not a great writer and so my themes and ideas are all quite similar. I also suffer from a lack of inspiriation so all of my work contains varying amounts of autobiographical influence. I tend to write about young female characters (which I am/was) and shy away from male characters because I simply don't know how to write them. I tend to use fewer characters and concise situations. I won't say my work is naturalistic, but it is at least plausible - I don't go in for the fantastical or the impossible. I like themes of innocence, powerlessness, laziness, and such like. I am incontinent myself so I don't like age regression, baby play, or characters wearing diapers for fun. I also detest sexual content in diaper stories so aim to avoid that wherever I can, though I realise this is a fetish for many people. If you do in fact fap to my stories then please don't tell me about it!

That said, I love and live for praise! If you liked my story then please tell me about it! Nothing is more motivating to a writer than knowing that you moved your audience enough that they want to start discussing it. Want to know more about the situation or characters? Ask me! I take it as a great compliment when people are so involved with the story that they want to know all the details.

I look forward to hearing what people think!

Pink x x x


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So yeah, this might be a bit late, but I may as well...

WBDaddy - next Monday, I'll be 38.

I write for the same reason I play music - because I'm a miserable bastard when I don't have a creative outlet. The first piece I attempted here, The Funeral, was easily the most ambitious creative effort I've ever attempted, regardless of format. As yet, it is unfinished.

My most active in-progress, A Change for Naomi is a collaborative effort that really just fell in my lap. A forum member on DD had been working on this story sporadically over the course of nearly a year, and then announced that he was going to pack it up for lack of direction. I volunteered to help out, and suddenly the whole story came into full focus, and we have been moving at a breakneck pace on it for the last week or so, after a long lag.

I do have two completed pieces here, Alli and Abba and more of an exercise in imagery than a real story, Sick Day. I can't say that I'm as proud or as enthralled with either of them as I am with the works I have in progress, but in the grand scheme of things, your work is only as good as it is complete, right?

I've been writing since I was 11, though the vast majority of that work is songs and poetry, not full-length stories. I should have picked up on my knack for storytelling back when I was in English Comp 101 and 102 in college, and realized how easily stories came, versus how hard I had to work to put out a poem or song I was happy with, but we live and learn, right?
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Somehow I missed this when it first aired...so to speak.

I stared writing when I was in high school, a long time ago. In college I wrote poetry and was published two times in college anthologies. I was encouraged by one of my professors to write the great American novel. Oddly, when I graduated, the writing stopped. I worked as a concert musician playing in a 3200 member Methodist church and gave organ concerts.

Several years ago my wife became very ill, and in the course of things I found this site. Writing on the blog encouraged me to start a novel, a story that was probably always in my head. I am still working on it. Two years ago I wrote and posted on this site, "Going Home", a story about a 16 year old boy who is seduced by his chemistry teacher, a vampire. I wrote it as a challenge when one of our members suggested a Halloween spooky story writing contest.

The next October several members asked if I would write another and I wrote "Werewolf", which I think is a pretty good story. It's published on Nookbooks.

This October I will post "Coffee Stop", a story about a man who stops for coffee and gets so much more. It will be my first "diaper" story and I think the membership will like it. I wrote it in July because between working at school and my music director job, I have little time. I hope it reflects the desires of many of us. It actually is somewhat auto-biographical in as much as his childhood experiences were my experiences growing up with this odd desire.


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I've been writing literally since I was five. I always had a fascination with stories and whether it was drawing them in picture form, or writing them out, the concept of creating fictional worlds has always been a part of my psyche. My first grade teacher even remembers the heavy detail that was present when we were writing stories in class.

My very first diaper story was two "episodes" of a Sailor Moon ripoff called Chaos Warriors, written back in 1997 when I had my very first Internet connection. It was published on the site that shall not be named. However, the diaper content, including the messing and wetting, was limited to a single "episode" of that storyline.

Following that was a vampire story that was very similar in nature to Anne Rice. The vampire was basically a Lestat/Marius clone and it was your average, rich guy adopts a boy and diapers him episode. I was a minor at the time and I recognize that such a story now would put me in a very, very, very disturbing light. So I will not go into any further detail about the story.

A few aborted attempts after that and I stopped contributing diaper related content for a while. The Corvinus School for Boys was my latest foray into the genre and I hope to have that finished up soon. I am, as I am aware, one of the first writers online to use vampires in a diaper story.


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Hello my name is Tyler I'm 22 and gay from California in the USA. I'm an Adult Baby and love diapers as much as anyone here, I got into writing when I discovered how much I loved regression stories like on sites such as ADISC and I wanted to write something really special but also vent my baby feelings at the same time. I'm also a 3D artist but I cannot make characters I model props and environments mostly. I stopped writing when I found out how much free time I was going to have and I really needed to focus on my 3D modeling other wise I was going to not be as good as I could ( Modeling is not like riding a bike you forget things easily ). But now I think even though I'm still in college I can write again and hopefully make something that you all think about like Project 52 or ROOM or something :)


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Adult Baby
Hi Everyone,

I wish I had seen this string earlier so I could have introduced myself! My real name is Ben, as you may have guessed, and one of my main passions is writing stories. I am 35 and I live in Arkansas, although I am not from that state originally. I grew up in Lexington, KY. Many of you may know I authored the Project series. Lab Project 52 and its sequel, which is currently a story in progress, the Aftermath of Lab Project 53: Ryan's Descent. So far, these have been my only contributions to the ABDL story world, although my main writing project is a full length novel I call Silver Hours, which I hope to publish one day. The novel has nothing to do with *BDLs, but is a historic fiction taking place in England. For me, I like to live out my fantasies through writing. When I was little I created the imaginary world of the Turco family during recess. One friend I had was named Jason Turco, so that is where the name comes from. I had just seen the movie Poltergeist, and as a first grader, such a movie had a huge impact on me, luckily it didn't give me nightmares! I wanted to sort of make believe the movie and so that is how this story and the setting has been with me for a long time, so the Project series is my opportunity to finally get this onto paper. I didn't get into diapers and all that until I was much older, around 14 or so. Another tidbit, my dad is a scientist, so I have been in a lot of labs, I even worked in one for a summer doing diabetes research. That is probably more information than you asked for, but feel free to read my stories if you want to learn more about this little world of mine I keep tucked away in my head.

Best Regards,
Liitle Ben


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Well, since I got the first chapter of a story posted up, might as well post on here.

My name is Wes. I am 20 years old, and from a certain strange world called Oklahoma. I have a bit of a creative side that involves RPs, but I figured why not give story-writing a try. I'm trying to stray away from the generic "being punished by diapers for acting like a baby," storyline by adding a bit of unusual characteristics to what seems like an ordinary world.


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Hey there. My name is Denube, and I'm from Virginia.

I'm no newbie when it comes to writing--I may only be 25, but I've been writing since I was six. I actually hated writing when I was younger: the teachers made the required length of the papers so short!

Regardless, Here I am. I've been writing stories for the ABDL community since 2004 at Diapergirls.com (that site has since folded, I think). probably about a year after that, I moved on to Fox Tales Times, and started posting my stories there, and I've been posting them there 2005. My best stories haven't really come around until recently, however--a lot of my stories had been unfinished for a while.

I just lost interest in them. (sound familiar?)

Lately, however, I've managed to get my teeth into stories that I've enjoyed. The first one was GPA. I should probably put that up here, I think people would enjoy it (it's currently on FTT). My current one, Cycles, is a story that is really making me feel good. I think it'll even be finished! =D

There's not much about me I need to say. I'm just not that open about myself. at least, not comfortably.


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Diaper Lover,
Well hello, sais.

My name, may it do ya fine, is Hal0ispwnd. Offline, known as Zach. I have been a writer since...well, not that long. Probably only as long as I've been here. Maybe a little bit longer. I am an avid reader of sai Stephen King, as you may be able to tell. Like many members of this site, I am a TB, however unlike many members, I was introduced to it through someone I know. Which, incidentally is how I found this site. Since then I've moved...twice, I think? Three times? Nevertheless, I moved a few times, and have now settled in a small town area with an ocean view from the house, do ya. Since moving here, I've started many new works, and lost more then I started. I now only have three left. One of which is currently published as one chapter on this site. The other two are longhand pieces that I've started.

Oh Sigh, what next, I wonder? I suppose I could give a couple of plot summaries then tactically withdraw. o.o

Not many people online read my works, I know, but people that have seen my longhand pieces like them. My most avid reader compared waiting for my chapters like "waiting for one of those magazine-published stories that come out one bit at a time". My first internet published bit is actually on this site. The Devil's Assassins, I called it.

My other published work on this site, which is in progress now, is titled The First Duality. This story is told from the point of view of valedictorian and investor Evan Riehes. I only have the one chapter of this so far but as plot goes...

Well, enough of this then ;). I'm off, and I'll see you all later!


The Devil's Assassins
- May never be finished due to loss of information.

The First Duality - Will at some point in the future be finished.

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,
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I've submitted one story, but that technically qualifies me as an author I guess.

I'm Jonathan, or Jon. I was born and raised in Greenville, SC. I am a Teen Baby/Diaper Lover, and have accepted it as part of my lifestyle. I love writing and have always been praised for my writing ability my by peers. Lyrics, poems, and short stories are what I feel I write best. Writing is definitely one of my few prides.

One day I was browsing through all the stories on ADISC and kept seeing too many similar stories. I felt like it would be fun to write something completely different and started on a more emotional, realistic story. I worked on it on and off for a few months, then abandoned it for almost a year and a half :eek:. So about two months ago, I decided to finish it. Here it is:


Will I write another story here? Probably.


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Evenin' Gents,

Y'all can call me Jewie. I've been a writing on this here ADISC for a bit of a spell. I have two works over in the finished stories section, one of them is non-ab related and is a short story based upon 14th century english influences and can be found here. The other is a parody of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which can be found here.

Besides those two pieces of writing, I prefer to keep a sardonic tone, and attempt to keep the characters as realistic as possible. I tend to enjoy messing with dialects, and making use of a lavish vocabulary. The other piece of work I have, Ode To Brilliance, is currently back in progress after a two year hiatus in which I lost the voice of the story, but have since (hopefully) found it again, and plan on adding sections to it on a weekly or biweekly basis.

Besides writing, I am a huge movie/TV buff and everybody loves me, which means you should to.


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Adult Baby, Diaper Lover, Babyfur
I suppose I should add myself to this thread, even though I can hardly call myself an "author" xD. I mean sure I've written my fair share of stories (only a few of which can really relate to this site), and I've heard that they don't suck too much, but that doesn't qualify me as an author xD I guess I could say that I'm working on starting a few more diaper-related stories, but my Regressing Rocker series ( http://www.adisc.org/forum/stories-progress/50787-regressing-rocker-part-1-a.html ) is as close as I'm going to get for now.

I won't try to sell myself as an amazing writer, but I would like to think that I can at least write enjoyable stories that people can read without straining their eyes from a lack of punctuation (or other related things xD). I will also say that, I know that I have pretty common mistakes in my writing for the most part when I look back at the Regressing Rocker story series, but since then I can honestly say that I have improved, so if there are glaring problems in what I put in it, just message me and I'll explain myself (or try to at least). This said, I also have to ask for you fellow writers to critique me with no pulled punches if you feel like critiquing. I can take criticism, and I need it to make myself a better writer so don't hold back if you think my story stinks (pun intended xD ). But, at the same time, don't just tell me it's bad without explaining why. That just means that I'll make the same mistakes later unknowingly xD

Any other questions just ask me and I'll try to respond ASAP :)

Oh, and the other parts of RR will be posted soon xD just gotta get around to doing it lol.


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Hi, I am Write and Left and I am a writer. While growing up, I never really didn't like writing at all. It was boring to write about what I did on my summer vacation, or about some type of policy. No one in school really had us write fiction. I would sit and write papers all the way up through college. However, once day I started role playing with a person of the opposite sex on Usenet. We sent e-mails back and forth telling a story of a couple who had a unique relationship. It was enjoyable and I always enjoyed when I got to communicate with this person.

I didn't start writing anything else until the year I was going to graduate from college. I had one class in my final semester, so I visited diaper sites and would read the stories on message boards of a prominent 18+ site about diapers and wetting that used to have a black background in the message board. I decided I could write something that would be just as good as the other stories and I got some pretty good stories.

My first story was a science fiction story about a girl who had her mind erased as a punishment for a crime. She regressed and had to struggle to relearn everything to be an adult while being reeducated. I also wrote a story about a girl who became incontinent before her senior year of high school and her struggles to date again during her freshmen year in college. As I wrote I was able to relax enough before working on my homework.

When I graduated, I started writing non-diaper stories, but I did not stop writing diaper stories. I have written a handful of diaper stories and four non-abdl novels. Of the diaper stories I wrote, that I consider decent are:

Roommates: Girls in college try to hide the same problem from each other.
Alien Misunderstanding: Make sure you are dressed if you are making first contact with aliens.
Life and Death Choices Made Casually: A condemned woman wants to live and a girl with a humiliating accident wants to die. They both get their wish. Now the first woman has a second chance to achieve both justice and continence.
The Walk of Shame: A girl has an accident and has to walk home like that.
A Visitor to Triton: A man is alone on an distant outpost in space, until a visitor with questionable bladder control comes along.

In Progress:
A Survey in the Mall: A college student wants to make money at a market research company at the mall. She learns that the product she has to test is incontinence products.
The Surrogate Baby: An abused woman agrees to be a baby to make up for her boyfriend's crime.

Non AB/DL:
Four Novels
Three short stories
Lots of bad poetry

I like feedback, even if it is not what I want to hear. There is always something I can improve about what I write. I don't write many male characters. Usually my male characters are hokey, so I like to focus on strong female characters. Most of my male characters are just supporting characters. Besides, I write the stories I want to read.


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Hello I am TeslaVoltage and i have always been interested in storytelling whether it be acting or writing. I usually write what I am interested in and that usually involves science fiction and historical fiction. My writing is mainly Michael Crichton or X files esque or science fiction that brings up real science and technology in a fictional setting where the characters fight for survival or are stuck in a mystery even the reader is unable to solve. Up till this point, it has been non AB-DL related so many of my stories will be of that caliber however, I would like to give AB-DL fiction a try with my own twists. Usually, what I see in AB-DL fiction is either some magical regressive occurrence and some emotional connections between the characters which is fine, but i would like to see some sci-fi or some historical plots incorporated with accurate details meant to give the genre a whole new twist.


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I'm Emily, I'm 20 years old and going into my third year of college. Currently doing a double major in Graphic Design and Fashion Design. I work as a waitress part time and I work as a model for a clothing catalog part time.

As a teenager I discovered that there were other people like me on the internet that enjoyed diapers. I found a lot of pictures and videos that were fun at first, but the novelty quickly wore off. I loved reading the stories though - a good story never gets old. My only problem with the majority of diaper themed stories was how they would start out fairly realistic with situations I could relate to, but after several chapters they would descend into a complete realm of fantasy where diapers became the primary focus of everyone's life.

I started writing "Raquel's Only Wish" when I had the idea of creating a story that took a less is more approach to diaper content and focused more on an overall plot. (Sometimes it involves the fact that she wears diapers, other times it has nothing to do with it.) This was the first time I ever wrote any sort of fiction in my life, even as an assignment in an English class. But I was lucky and had a lot of encouragement early on in the story, this gave me the motivation to keep going and actually start to learn a little bit about writing along the way.

My other stories are "Olivia's Plunge Into the Unknown" which is sort of an alternate universe, and "Tierra Girl", which is sci-fi. I work on these when I need a break from ultra-realism and want to break free and express myself in different ways.