About Recent Staffing Changes


A couple of people have mentioned that they were concerned about how 3 long-serving staff members all stepped down in the same week.

To put it bluntly, this wasn't driven by staff suddenly deciding to retire, this was driven by me deliberately trying to shrink the size of the team and have a smaller, more active staff team composed only of staff members who are willing to put in hours on a regular basis to help me run the place going forward.
The staff who retired, did so because they could no longer commit the time that being staff on ADISC requires, and so they had to retire.

Obviously I'm extremely grateful for their years of help, but I'm also a bit overwhelmed with everything I have to do (both here, and in general). I can't manage a team of 10 volunteers, especially if half of them are not very active. I need to consolidate my team down to a much smaller number of more active staff.

Anyway, so that's why there have been a lot of staff changes recently. I'm resizing the team, putting more emphasis on activity requirements for staff, and looking to adjust the focus of the team to make sure it supports how I'm running the place going forward.
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