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about me and more

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*what i like*
i love trains tottaly stuck on them lol
i love red and black never appart tho it has to be together for best effect
i love my epic cool ipod and its apps infact i am a upsessed bargon app hunter

*important plz take much note as possible effects how i interact w/ pp and how they interact w/ me*
i cant read well at all (espeshily in big long posts)
i cant do math well at all
i dont always spell good at all
i cant type well most of the time
gammer +punctuation is not exzistiant even offline

*resion im here*
im having trobble finding a bedwetting alarm sold offline for a frien becasue i got no creditcards to order em and im also hessatant to get one im scared of becoming a victom of credit card fraw-d if some one could point out a possible company id love it if possible
also my friend says even w/ a daiper he still floods the bed and he said he always got the most absorbant he could efford


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Hi Nightflood and welcome to ADISC :)

I see you like trains? SWEEEEEET! Oh man do I love trains. If you're interested, I have a "trains group" here on the forums.

Ahhhh good good, the colors red and black DO go so well together :D

As far as your spelling, grammar and punctuation and typing....personally it doesn't bother me too much because I was able to read what you put up.

As far as finding a bedwetting alarm, I'm afraid I'm not much help. Sorry :( And I understand your fears about credit card fraud, that's not something to screw around with.

Hope to see you around :)
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