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So I'm getting my first pack of Abena X plus L4 diapers this week (well, my first pack of diapers ever actually!) and I'm wondering if I wet them in bed, if I'll need protection under me to save the sheets, or if I should be okay. Thanks!
I'm very cautious or perhaps paranoid that way. I almost always used a pad until I switched to a vinyl mattress protector. I very rarely experience leaks but once with a mattress is too many as far as I'm concerned.
Abenas are great diapers! I trust them in bed but I also have a mattress cover. Lay on your back and try not to flood them (although they can handle floods quite well). Most of the padding is in the back, so that's the best bet. I wear them on long car trips and they handle multiple wettings. When I get home the padding is wet front to back (while sitting) and no leaks! Enjoy them and congrats!
naw you shouldnt have a problem. abenas are really good, its depend and other cheap diapers you should be more careful with, but abenas dont have that issue as long as you tape them up real good
Abena's are among my favorite - but in my experience cloth is a better choice for overnight.

But there are some factors - if you are a bedwetter and you aren't a heavy wetter overnight you'll be fine. If you are a heavy wetter you may run into issues. I wore abena's to bed a few times and wound up leaking - but I'm a stomach sleeper which may have had something to do with it.

Maybe throw on a pair of plastic pants for a few nights just to gauge how well they perform - then if it's all clear you'll at least know without washing the sheets a few times.
BabyGirlMoo, your first diapers are one of the best diapers on the market, so you will not be disappointed.

One of the most important factors in minimizing leaks is getting a good secure fit. If the diaper is loose on you even the best products will likely leak with use. You will need to ensure it is taped on so there is minimal gap at the leg openings, at the same time you don't want to be cutting off your blood circulation, so try to find a nice balance.

As mentioned above, the safest position to sleep and wet is on your back. On your stomach is more risky, especially if you are flooding the diaper. Laying on the side has proven to cause the most problems for me, so be careful wetting like that :)

Enjoy the diapers, they are wonderful
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