Abena M4's ?

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How have the M4s been lately for anyone who has recently bought them. They used to be my go to thick high absorbency diaper, but i havent gotten any in the past year. So i was wondering are they still up to par like they used to be? ive heard some problems with tapes and plastic being weak on them in the past year so i was wondering if they have fixed these issues. the reason im asking is my gf wants to buy me some diapers for Valentines Day. and she said just tell me which ones to get and she'll order them for me :) so should say the M4s or maybe go with something different in the same price range?
The only issue I have with Abenas is the padding breaking apart, clumping and falling down from the front of the diaper. Other than that no problems or complaints with the plastic or tapes. They are my main go to diaper for wearing out in public & at work because they hold alot and rarely leak. If you have an Amazon account add them to your cart, then "save for later" and wait, they will go down in price. I bought a case for $53.55 from NorthShoreCare and received a sample of the Supreme briefs with my case order.

Another option is to wait and see if Bambino does a Valentines day sale. Last year they had one so I assume this year they will again, if they ever get re-stocked of course!
they would for sure be plastic, i really dont like cloth covered diapers
babymt said:
The M4's I got last week are just as good quality as I've always had. Make sure you get plastic backed though. There are lots of bad reports on the cloth backed version

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a whole case for $53?! thats a steal!
I haven't had any problems with the M4's that I've been ordering in the past few years. As DLMunky noted, sometimes you can get a bad batch where something happens. The first package I ever got of M4's was a bad one. Several of them ripped on the back of the padding, spilling out some of the absorbent material. After that package, I've never had another problem with them. It's like any product tho, sometimes they're going to have quality problems that aren't caught before leaving the manufacturer. But, I haven't noticed any change in their thickness over the past few years that I've been getting them.

If you like the M4's, you might want to check out NorthShore's Supreme Briefs. They look almost identical to the M4's. To me the NorthShore brief has better wicking than the M4's. But it's all personal opinion.
I haven't had any of the issues you mention with the M4s and as for the clumping or the padding going down in the front, I usually have that kind of problem with the high absorbency Molicare ones faster than it happens with an Abena M4. I've pretty much stopped wearing M4s and have switched the Northshore Care diapers for night time and long term day use. They seem to hold a bit more and its a lot easier to find out when they are ready for a change before leaking (they actually wick up the back of the diaper, I just check to see how much is wicked in the back, it can't get too high in the butt otherwise you start having wet t-shirt in the back). Also, I tend to leave the northshore care diapers in a drawer to let them decompress, it solves a lot of the complaints about it being stiff, I still knead them a little bit and do the fold length-wise, but it isn't quite as needed. The diaper is also lacking in much exterior design, so aside from some text, its mostly white compared to an M4.
I have been cycling between the Abena's, Dry247, and the NorthshoreCare, and XP Medical replacements. I pretty much am hanging on the NSC ones though I just grabbed a case of the dry247s because they were having a substantial sale and free shipping.
I wear Abena M4's regularly and think they're great. I very rarely find one that has some defect. i prevent the clumping problem by wearing a snug pair of stretchy underpants over my diaper.
Usually to prevent clumping, an Abri-let Maxi booster does the trick for me. As for the op's question, they are still amazing as they were last year for me.
Been using Abena M4 plastic backed diapers as a 24/7 diaper for just over a year now, haven't had any issue with them.
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