Abena M3 Questions on Laying Down

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So, I was wondering if anyone has experience with the (non plastic-backed) Medium Abena M3's as far as nighttime wetting goes?
I plan on ordering a case soon so I have a hefty non-decorated diaper to wear at night, however I wasn't sure if it would hold up while my body was facing my bed.
I would say no because they don't have such a high capacity. The wings aren't padded very well outside of the crotch.
Also the unprotected sides may allow leaks to go right through.

If you're trying to ease the cost of diapers, you should try cloth, because it has awesome wicking capabilities and your sides are protected as well.

I don't know how heavy of a wetter you are. Those Abena M3s may be enough for you. I would suggest to try a sample before you devote a big chunk of money in to them. No worse feeling than wasting money on something that you don't like.
Yeah I agree, if u need night time diapers and want abena, the only ones to get are the m4 plastic backed or dry 24/7. Personally I have a constant stash of both , great for daytime to. I'm a bedwetter, and I also need bed pads underneath in case i leak out the sides. I used to have a cloth diaper and used it a few times and while it was good in the wings, I needed plastic pants over the cuz I could soak the right thru after a few wettings. Cloth are good but not nearly as convenient as disposables
The whole prefold setup isn't all that hard to get used to. By using alternatives of pins, fastening diapers together with Snappi Fasteners or Boingo Fasteners makes things a breeze. Plastic pants are a Must for cloth diapers (unless you are talking about AIO options). Even those AIO diapers usually need plastic pants because the padding usually meets the end of their diapers. They should also be thick enough to contain a night's worth of usage.
I have tried Abena L3. It didn't hold much but then I'm a heavy wetter.
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