Abena Abriflex leaking around legs?

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I'm wondering if others are having trouble with Abena Abriflex leaking easily around the legs? I used to get large, then realized mediums fit, especially as I've gradually lost weight over the years. I thought I was good on the leaking from going down a size, but the last 3 I've worn let me down really quickly. When I inspect the fit around my legs it seems loose compared to a L/XL Depends RealFit (which I've had leak one time in 200 literally). I can wear 38" loose fit jeans, but typically still wear 40" or even 42" to cover up that I'm padded.

The Abriflex pullons are very comfortable and I know technically could hold a lot, but I can't trust them to any sort of burst of output. My bladder only holds 12-16 oz so I'm talking about a 6 oz burst at most. I can empty twice and fairly quickly with the RealFit, but they aren't quite as comfortable and I'd like a little more capacity and trying to not quite step up to tabbed diaper for daily use. I'm to the point with OAB that I need the padding to buy me time to get to the bathroom.

Just looking for the experience of others with these? Or maybe what alternatives you think are best?
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