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ABDL's are the best

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I just wanted to say that as a community (I know I am generalizing, but I think it is true) we are the nicest and most gentle group I know of. It seems easy for so many interests to turn to a dark side that I really don't like.
Perhaps it is because our community, while it includes sexual interest, is not just about sex and sexual gratification.

Hello Pauly and welcome back to the group.
I knew it! Pauly, from Big Brother is AB/DL!!! Okay, just kidding. Welcome to the site. I agree with you. I think we are a gentle group of people, and that's a good thing.
Hi Pauly,

It is nice to see someone who is in the experienced age group. Once a little, always a little, never let anyone take that away from you.
Welcome Pauly...think you will get alot of us agreeing with you on that one hee hee.....hugs xxxx
Thank you all! I confess that I am not very adept at this and I don't check in often enough.
Have a great weekend and stay dry.
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