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Hey Kiwis,

This is a hypothetical question which will probably not go anywhere - just something I have thought about for a while, and have been wondering how feasible it would be with the market we have.

If somebody was to open up an ABDL store in New Zealand, and stock all kinds of ABDL products including all the good ABDL diapers (nappies), how successful do you think the business would be considering there is already Paddingplus Australia which ships to New Zealand?

Just wondering...
Nobodies really tried it, then again not sure how many actual ABDL people there are in our small country??

have a chat to incocare and see what kind of demand they have been seeing may be?

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Thanks for your response. Yeah, I sent an email to Incocare. Last year I heard that they were looking to start stocking ABU, but I have a feeling that there was such a small amount of feedback on their survey they have decided it isn't worth it.

I just thought it could possibly be quite a cool little market niche to try and tap into. Would be cool if I could do like a mass survey of the whole population :) Buuuuut I guess that would make things too easy :/
Yeah I think Mr Incocare himself :p has been the only to really look at it. Had a chat with him earlier this year, and at this stage the market is to unknown.... as much the internet has brought as together it has spread us out, in the sense that we are not all in the same place, and how difficult it would to be reach all NZ ABDL's, the market, may be strong enough for it to work, but that is a big if... the numbers are.... vague.

I mean I had a look at some of the costs from hiring a shipping container... shipping the container to NZ, shipping it to storage, storage itself, let alone the cost of the diapers themselves, with out concrete numbers, it is not an overly attractive investment... unless you happen to win the $22 mil on lotto, and I haven't had any luck with that.
I say start small carrie ab clothes some one that sews order some thing's china ab clothing that way low over head then work your way up.
Check out ebay search adult baby that should pull up clothing.
Some thing's are modified adult tee shirts with current prints like Monsters INC stuff like that. As you build capital reinvest back into company.
Some sell on line first then work into other ways .
All the best to you
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