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I see sooooo many (SO MANY) threads asking over and over “where can I get this product? Or what about this one?”. So I hope with this post maybe we can now limit that type of posting, or at least have a quick resource you can like someone to find what they need.

Lil Comforts:
•Reusable waddle cloth diapers
•All silicone 1 piece Pacifiers
•Silicone Bibs
•Teddy bear backpack harness

Cuddlz Shop:
•Lots of types of clothes
•Lots of accessories like bibs, blankets, and bottles
•Some disposable plastic back diapers, mostly reusable cloth diapers
•Misc fetish items like harness, masks, cuffs ect

•Cloth reusable diapers and plastic back disposable diapers
•Abdl print pull up
•training pants
•Diaper covers/plastic pants
•All Abdl clothing and accessories like onesies, glass bottles, pacifiers, ect

•Disposable diapers (plastic back only)
•Shortalls and onesies
•Kids style undies
•Footed pjs

Pacifier addict:
It’s in the name! For your dream pacifier this is the place to go! But it’s not the most budget friendly.

Onesies Downunder:
•This is probably the most popular place to get onesies (free shipping, frequent new prints, and great clearance sales)
•They also sell pacifier clips, pj sets, shortalls, skirtalls, bloomers, and pacifiers

BigTots (small business):
•Training pants
•kids style underwear
•pacifier clips
•lots of various Abdl clothes

Little Kink Boutique:
Pretty much any abdl clothing item you can think of they have! Everything is handmade by this lovely small business.

(Disposable) Diaper Only Brands:

Adult Baby Universe:
#1 brand for printed adult diapers, they sell cloth and plastic backed disposables

(Plastic back only, they sell a fancy changing pad as well)

(not an abdl brand but) Northshore:
is one of the most popular non printed brands, plastic backed only

Plastic backed disposables and 2 Abdl print pull ups

Other Products:


Straightjacket Shop:
Straightjackets, mitts, booties

If I missed any brand please comment them below!

Lastly I’m choosing not to put LFB on this list due to their controversy with minors (amongst other things). Please don’t comment on this post asking about what happened with that brand I don’t want this post to be about that. There’s plenty of places online where you can read about that.
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There’s also DiaperU which seems to be new! They sell stuff like onesies, undies, and other cute clothing!

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Tailor made ABDL Clothing... Premium quality.

According to their site:
Privatina is a staple brand within the ABDL community, and home to some of the most adorable models of adult baby clothing and ageplay apparel. This is the place where your preferences meet tailor-made manufacturing, which allows for unlimited customization. This is the place where dreams come true!
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This ought to be a sticky thread.
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Northshore, abdlr in Denver, Co, and changing times diaper company in Las Vegas NV, and of course Tykables.

I do not know how to add links.
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Honestly, I love this list so much. Gives like a full run down.
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Isn't just wonderful to have so many to chooses to pick from ,very ones wants or needs !!
Northshore has cloth backed options as well - their Air line is cloth backed
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