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Hi everyone,

I have made a similar post on the /r/ABDL reddit but thought I'd ask here as well (to cast a wider net and such): 1. are there still any ABDL MMO guilds and 2. would anyone be interested in one. Personally, I recently left my WoW guild and would really like joining an ABDL one (not necessarily WoW-based). I have a feeling that there aren't any active ABDL guilds out there anymore - couldn't find any, though there's nothing I'd like more than to be proven wrong - so I wouldn't mind starting a new one.

So really I'm asking whether...

1. there are still active ABDL guilds out there;

or whether

2. you'd be interested in starting a new one with me, in which case: which MMO would you like most?

EDIT: A poll to decide which game most people would be interested in: http://doodle.com/poll/dmy6tubt4k2e4vx5#table
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