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As a little or Abdl or whatever label anyway one wants to give I chose to be in the littlespace mindset most of the day I usually don't bother anyone with it as I go about my day and it doest help that people still treat me like I'm a kid due to my fetures and quirks now I have come to a point in my life where I have seem to lost touch a bit with my little side and I would like it back I know it sounds little farfetched but it's true one day it was full on having fun and the next day it was like I dont even.want to engage in the littlespace anymore it's been about two months since this happened and I'm still a bit lost. But the feelings of little Ness come.and go has anyon experienced such a problem if so any tips would be much appreciated
I would honestly not force it. We all go through our phases and ups and downs. Do the things you want to do, and it’ll come back if it’s meant to be.
All things come and go.
Your new here so I suggest you search for binge and purge threads. You'll find a lot of us here have lost interest at one time or another but never really lost it. It was always there but in some form of hibernation. One minute we were minding our own business focused on a current task at hand then wham!, something triggered it and those feelings came back stronger than ever.
Lazyboy92 said:
Has anyone experienced such a problem? If so, any tips would be much appreciated.
I can relate to this so much. I just recently came out of a spell where I felt very "adult" for a long time. I was pretty convinced that my little life was over (maybe a really long phase or something). But I kept some diapers and my most cherished toys just in case. Sure enough, after some time, I've fallen right back in again to those little desires. My advice would be: don't do anything rash, just give it some time, and you may find things return later. If not, give it some more time. If you've considered purging anything: please don't. It's not worth the time and money it will take to re-acquire those things once your little side does come back stronger (I'm speaking from experience here).
For me its like I have two people be hind the wheel. One is the adult who is super professional and career minded, and the other is a kid who wants to curl up on the couch wearing a diaper and gripping a stuffed elephant.

When my life gets hectic (especially in transitional periods) its adult me 24/7. When things mellow out and my day to day becomes predictable, little me comes out a lot more.

Its a confusing balancing act (that I'm honestly still figuring out) but I think you should to take care of both of yourselves however possible.
Just give it time kiddo, also do you plan your time adulting and then time to be Little?

When you have Little time but you just not feeling it, just relax and enjoy your time doing what ever you enjoy.

The more you try and force Little Space the more you find that you just age play, wich may not what you want to do.

Also have you tryed talking to your inner child to see if they are ok and if there is something that they want thats stopping them from coming out to play.

Hope that's helpful