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My mother (biological) found out that I am an ABDL! Currently she has no idea I have two pacifiers and wear diapers. She told me... "You don't get to do that because you need to grow up" then said it is not allowed to do that! What should I do? IDK! I'm gonna go watch power rangers MMPR while waiting for a response! I'm gonna go watch power rangers MMPR while waiting for a response!
I would tell her to screw off. It is your life, the way you want to.
I'm not sure how to answer this but I think you should talk to her tell her how you feel and go from there I'm sorry that your mother doesn't accept the situation but remember that time heals all wounds maybe after some time has passed she will start to accept it and if she doesn't I would just use my diapers and pacifier anyway I guess what I'm trying to say is do what makes you happy and don worry about what anyone thinks I hope this helps
Yes, I was going to ask, are you living with your mom, because there's that old caveat, under my roof, my house, my rules. It could have been worse. When my mom found my diapers, she sent me to a psychiatrist at a residential mental facility, but in her defense, she had also found my gay porn and I was having a psychotic break when I had come home from college for the weekend.

Most parents aren't going to understand Infantalism and so the burden of educating falls on you, and that can be difficult if your mom is getting emotional. Your best defense is to not become defensive, if that makes sense. Go to Wikipedia and look up infantalism and love mapping and you'll learn a lot more about yourself. This will help you explain why you enjoy wearing diapers should the subject come up again, or if she discovers diapers in your room.
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