ABDL-friendly seamster/seamstress-for-hire?

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I'm looking for an ABDL-friendly seamstress or seamster who wouldn't mind taking on a rather unique diaper project. PMs welcome, but for posterity it would be great to capture recommendations here, too. (Please no real names, though, unless he/she is already "out" in this context.)

Without going into too many (irrelevant) details, my collection of vintage cloth baby diapers has grown to ridiculous proportions--literally hundreds of old Curity, Gerber, and Dundee prefolds, many of them new in packages, various flats, etc., all from around the time of my babyhood. I've long wondered about having these permanently transformed into adult diapers, and I've explored many ways of makeshifting them by using extra diaper pins where stitching would be ideal.

What this all boils down to is that I'd like to find somebody who could receive a large shipment of these diapers and a basic "pattern" for how I'd like them assembled, and then use his or her sewing know-how to sew them together in a durable fashion. It may not be a creative job (though I'm definitely open to advice on my designs), but it will nonetheless require expertise--which I definitely do not have!

Anyway. I'll leave it there for now.
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