ABDL factory?

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Can anyone tell me about Abdl factory I ordered a big shipment from them I wanna know where the stuff is coming from how long it'll take to get here etc....
Anything will help thanks
This is the first I've heard of these. I do my ordering from Northshore care.
They're based in Netherlands so I assume everything they sell is shipped from there. Everytime I ordered from them it took a week maybe a week and a half but I'm in Europe so it migth take a few days extra to arrive in the US.
It says on my tracking page it'll be here in a week which will be Monday
Yes they are Dutch
I ordered on sunday and got my parcel DPD today in UK in plain box
I ordered from them today, according to PostNL tracking page parcel should be delivered in beginning of next week.
I actually received my shipment today I'm using one of them now and my new plastic pants with it hehehe
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