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Hello does anyone know if any company makes and sells like baby diapers but in big form?

For example:

Big diapers with frozen design, Thomas the tank engine etc? Because they still make them in goodnites but they don’t fit me. I’m just wondering if any company makes anything similar
Images like that are held under copyright laws. Most copyright holders aren't going to approve of their images being used for what most of the population might consider a "fetish". Sad but true.
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Even if you could...the royalties would be so high it would probably net you negative income lol
Quick answer to your question
Why not just get adult diapers with babyish designs instead? That's as close as you can get to baby diapers.
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Little kings look almost identical to Pampers.
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If you want licensed characters on your adult sized products, there are a few options for you:

1. Commission custom cloth diapers. You can get cloth diapers (or diaper covers) made with fabric or printed designs of basically whatever you want. There are a number of makers who will do this for you.

2. Use plain white disposables with customization. You can buy quality plain white disposables and decorate them with your favorite characters. In particular, a popular thing to do is to replace the tape landing zone with something fun.

3. Settle for excellent lookalikes. ABU's Alphagatorz and Little Kings are aesthetically very near to modern baby diapers. Some of Tykables's characters on their diaper brands are even very close (brazenly so, in some cases) to licensed ones.
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Check out Etsy. Etsy is a site that sells many customized handmade items. There are some who sell customized diapers.
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Never seen any like that , but Crinkz do have some nice looking cute prints !!