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Before posting this I checked a little of the site I want to make a abdl changing table. I didn't find any plans on here. I am good with my hands. Does anyone have plans or blueprints? Or any have ideas. Also would like suggestions for the padded top and the vest way to make that and what materials to use. Also would like to have a shelf on the lower part to store diapers, powders, pins, creams, wipes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.
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These aren't mine but hopefully they give you some ideas


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if you’re okay to DIY, my thoughts on a changing table would be to take a massage table then incorporate a shelving system underneath.
I haven't ever made one, but I would think the hardest part to find is the pad that you would lay on. you might need to find that first, and build the rest around that.

you could always build your own pad. don't know how good you are at stitch work.
Easiest idea for a changing table is to get a couple of Ikea lower cabinets (the open square shelving kind, about 24 to 27 inches tall (there will be extra height from plywood base and pad), 30 to 36 inches wide (you may be able to get by with 24" wide, barely), and about 60 to 72 inches long. If necessary, put a 3/4" plywood on them for additional body support.

You can get roll foam padding/sleeping mats (w/cover) or foldable yoga/workout mats in many sizes (30×72 or 36×72) with a wipe clean surface (this is what I use), and can easily fold into a closet.

I just put a single or twin fitted sheet on it. You can get ABDL print sheet sets for kids on amazon.
I just put mine on the floor, but you could put it on a stand. I wouldn't go over 30 inches high as it gets too tall to comfortably get on.
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