ABDL adult size blanket

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Hope this is the place to post this...Where would I be able to find online or someone local(if anyone is local to my area) who makes ABDL blankets? I'm wanting it to be like a blanket big enough for a twin or full size bed. My baby boy is tall 6'1 but skinny. He'd like a adult size blankey and I'd love to find one for him.

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OOOOO! I love this! The best way? Is to make it yourself! As a crafty, sewing, family we found a couple yards of baby pink themed material. Then she bought the same amount for the back. And we made one. It is big enough to cover our queen sized bed, and I love it more because she made in for me. it doubles as a play mat, and changing pad as well.
I got a full sized Mickey Mouse themed blanket from Target. There are plenty on amazon too.
I have a big "John Deere Tractor" blankie.

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