AB Partner Opposed to Mommy/Daddy

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Many other AB's on this forum seem to be interested in having a mommy/daddy take care of them. I think that's perfectly fine, but does anyone else on here want another AB as a partner instead? Ever since I hooked up with my roommate (an AB himself) I feel like I would prefer a life where the person I'm with can empathize with what I go through.

Does anyone else feel a similar way?
I think it'd be the best of both worlds if your partner was AB. Not only would they "understand" your mindset, but then you both would have such an incredible mutual connection. I can imagine it would make things easier switching from little to big, if you ever wanted to rp.
I really enjoy many aspects of my relationship with my husband, and he does occasionally play the daddy role.
He has tried diapers on before, and has a mild interest in them, but nothing more than what I think is a deep rooted desire to please me.
I often times wish that I could be more open and have at least a friend I could share this aspect of my life with.
As a submissive person I'd rather a daddy, I think maybe it has to do with such traits. Though I can definitely see the appeal of a fellow AB partner!
Lately I've been coming around to switching roles, both being a caregiver to some people and being cared for myself by many more friends in the ageplay scene around me. I see some couples doing really well with that dynamic but I think the difficulty for me would be to find somebody willing to split the time spent in roles evenly. Folks much bigger than me either want to be brother/sister or just take care of me. People smaller than me just want to be cared for so far.

Knowing the things I like about ageplay does make it easy to cater to others with similar likes.
My Daddy is a switch, so he's an AB and a CG. So he knows what its like to be little, and can empathize with me a lot.
I guess, I used to be an AB/DL, moreso DL before I met my baby girl. Now that we're together I'm her daddy. I understand your thoughts on being able to empathize, but it seems to me, that there are a lot of mommies and daddies that are in the same situation that I am.
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