AB/DL lifestyle - My finished essay

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I like it and enjoyed reading it. :smile1:
yeah, really enjoyed reading it :) good job!
This is an extremely accurate summation, in my opinion. Good Job.
Cool, I thought it was a really good review of our community. I appreciate that you came back to let us see what you wrote, that is always nice. Its also nice to see some positive views that come from outside of our community, so thanks.
Yes good work. A lot to try and cover in a fairly short paper.
I would make sure to go over it for spelling and grammatical errors. I would also say you should put some more of what you personally think in there as well and some experiences you have had. Are you planning to submit it to any sort of journal?
Good overall paper. You captured some strong main themes from several responses and were clear and understandable. I think you managed to hit a very neutral and academic tone as well.

Like paddedwolf, I recommend a thorough proofread. Be on the lookout for missing commas, typos, and word substitution (e.g., is instead of it). Your lack of the Oxford comma saddens me.

I would also suggest a bit more organization and separation by topic. 2,000 words is enough to justify 2-3 section headers. For example, "common practices, common misconceptions, theories on origin, conclusion." At the least, I suggest you break up your paragraphs and sentences more, you're guilty of writing some run-ons in there.
As others have said - Give it good proof read, I found a few mistakes in there.

One note though. Your paper focuses more on the AB side or AB/DL, which is fine.
But I feel the DL side needs a bit more then the snub written about it.

"Diaper Lovers (DL) are those who focus their attention onto diapers themselves, generally in a sexual way.
They may prefer to wear the diapers or watch others wearing them."

How about: "Diaper Lovers (DL) are those who's focus is on the diapers themselves.
This is generally in a sexual way, but not always, as some prefer diapers for comforting (non sexual) reasons."

While we may be in the minority (of a minority) there are still many (DL) who attach no sexual interest in the wearing of diapers. As well as some, like me, who have become "reluctant DLs" (I love that, thank you Mylene) due to wearing diapers for various medical reasons and later forming an emotional attachment to them.

ArchieRoni said:
Your lack of the Oxford comma saddens me.
LOL! Yes, I agree.
Well researched, thorough and insightful.
Good job. I definitely enjoyed reading it and felt it represented the community fairly. I'd definitely recommend checking for errors and polishing it up a little, but other than that, it was really good.
very very good i like the way you took no side and just explained the way and reason we are viewed the way we are, and would like thank you for writing this paper please if you can i would like to ask the reaction of your class
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