AB/DL-car par excellence

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I got my package from Baltimore today. My blue footed pyjama in retro space design. After we came back from fetching it from the customs office, we went to the local autoshop to buy some engine coolant. When we drove out turning right heading home, I suddenly stood on the brakes because my eyes popped out of their sockets.

Because of this


Now isn't this a fine example of a real AB/DL car?


I want one so bad!


Owner said this is a modified VW Amarok
He is the owner of the car dealer shop, where it was parked in front.
By the way that guy had snow white hair and looked like he is in his sixties. (He's marked on the first photo)

1,2 miles nearer to home we stopped at a superette to get some bread rolls for brunch and guess who stood in the parking lot:


I think I will not be able to sleep today. :smile:

By the way, I am NOT claiming that the owner of the car dealer shop is an AB. Though it might be a mild indicator, I strongly presume that this is just part of a PR campaign for his shop.
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Oh yeah!!!! Hotwheels I would definitely love to drive it around town!! "Hotwheels lead the way!!!"
That's really cool I loved hot wheels when I was younger and I collected them. That is quite a sight.
Yeah....definitely cool!
yah that neat, I remember having lots of when I was a kid about 6 are 7 years old. to bad I didn't keep any in the packages.
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