AB/DL and A.S.M.R. ??

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This is a subject which has generated a lot of activity of late online and it deals with A.S.M.R. I was thinking about it and have wanted to post it as a topic online here and ask anyone who might have some experience with this. When I was kid lets say before my teenage years around 10 or so I'd swear that all of the sensations related to A.S.M.R. I had felt at one time or another. Of course no one knew what A.S.M.R. was so if someone had had an experience with it, they might have simply kept it to themselves. Through my teen years I did not really experience it again until about 18 or 19 years old. It dropped off again through pretty much all of my twenties only to definitely re-appear in my thirties. And its something I have had happen every so often when I least expected it. Its not something I have ever been able to go looking for and have it happen on Que, It doesn't work that way for me anyway. Online information available on the subject says that although for many there may be many different triggers there are common triggers. Olfactory, visual, sensory, tactile, etc. Now anyone in the AB/DL realm are going to recognize the typical stimuli that trigger their/our Li'l sides and I just thought it was interesting with regard to this whole A.S.M.R. issue. Does anyone out there who have some A.S.M.R. experience think it might have been possible or is possible that an early age experience not seen or known as A.S.N.R. could have potentially led to being an AB/DL down the road. Or how about this, For someone who is an AB/DL now, are there any here who when they are involved in "AB" type activities, does that for you trigger A.S.M.R. ? I always wondered what that weird impossible feeling was when it happened which was not all the time but when it did, wow! Anyone else ever feel it, experience it as it might relate to the AB/DL side of them? I'm just rambling but this is something that has come up a lot lately in a variety of different online venues and I was just curious to know whether anyone thinks there might be a connection between the 2. Is it possible one caused the other or vice versa? Hummm....
I am assuming you are talking about Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), correct?

I confess I have no thoughts on the subject. I even had to look up the definition.
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Oops! Yes that's what I mean. Dummy that I am, ask a question about something without explaining what it is. That's productive. Sorry but yes that's what I was referring to.
I wasn't quite sure what it was, but from this definition I found:

"ASMR is best described as a physical sensation of tingling that often begins in the scalp and moves down through the spine and sometimes to the limbs. It is a pleasurable feeling that some would call relaxing."

According to the site, usually sounds trigger it? But I'm sure it's not limited to sound. Anyway, I think it's more than possible to have a pleasurable sound/ touch relate to how one could develop a AB/ DL side. I have experienced this before, I believe, but it wasn't anything diaper related.

But since our brains associate pleasurable sensations whether it's sound, touch, smell, etc. Especially in our early years, we begin developing a connection between that sound to that object, which makes the object to us "good". So yeah, I think it's very possible that the two are related :)!
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Most people think of ASMR as a kind of audio visual roleplay, since most of the videos one can find on the net are exactly that. But strictly speaking, just roleplaying, whispering, and audio visual triggers alone doesn't make ASMR. For ASMR proper it is absolutely necessary to record the audio part with a binaural head microphone which emulates the way humans hear sound (the whole thing is shaped like a head to create a proper sound shadow, the microphones are within the ears, the ears have a properly shaped pinnas etc.). Stereo alone won't do it, because the overlap between the chanels is too big. It is also essential to listen to ASMR with headphones.

How does it work? When listening to binaural recorded sound, your ears hear like 'in real life', some parts of the recording reach one ear delayed or not at all (that's basicaly how humans hear spatial), that is, your ears hear two similar yet slightly different streams of sound and your brain tries to filter out the differences. This is somewhat akin to binaural beats and, as far as I can tell, the most basic explanation why ASMR works the way it does. Put simply, the tingles you feel when listening to ASMR are made by your brain when it tries to make sense of the audio input. But it only works with headphones, because with normal speakers the chanels would blend before the sound reaches you ears and the effect disappears. And I think that we are simply not used to listen to binaural recordings, so just hearing binaural is quite an effect in itself.

That being said, I really love the roleplaying aspect of it and how different sounds and materials can create different bodily responses. That is quite amazing. I haven't found a proper ABDL-ASMR roleplay yet, but there are tons of videos with nursing-style roleplays out there. In fact, there are so many medical roleplays, that one could get the impression that the creators might be slightly kinky themselves.
It's funny to see this because I was just enjoying some ASMR videos yesterday. I can't get enough of it.

Astatine pretty much summed it up. There are some great role-plays which I also find to be incredibly relaxing (way better if they're recorded in binaural sound). For me it's never really been connected to my AB/DL side and I enjoy more the tingly feeling that certain sounds give me when played in binaural audio. Different people have different triggers such as "nails tapping on a piece of plastic" or "marbles knocking into each other"... I hear that "deep ear cleaning" role plays are a huge trigger because it can seem so real from an auditory standpoint (to the point where you almost feel it physically)... probably due to the fact that many people get some satisfaction when they clean their ears with a cotton bud, and the audio equipment used to replicate this is very high quality so it kind of tricks your brain into feeling it physically.

The ASMR role plays can be good because they can make you feel as though you're in that situation (take this video for example) so I can see how for some people it can relate to their AB/DL side. Take this ASMR role play for example

However, I enjoy the role play videos less and enjoy more the binaural sounds. It can be such a great feeling if your body/brain reacts to it that is)
Been into this stuff for a while. I wish there was an abdl asmrtist that would incorporate diapers and related things. I just love the sound of crinkly diapers and it really gives me tingles like other asmr stuff.
I have a couple videos saved that include things you guys might like. :3

This video by ASMRmommy on Youtube shows off some Huggies Little Swimmers, complete with crinkles! Love it. (Start at around the 2:13 mark.)
And this video by EvalineSereneASMR has the gentle folding of some cloth diapers. I like this one a lot.

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