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Do you have an ab/dl achievement list?

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I created an Achievement list for all the stuff I want to do as an ab/dl. I want to ask you guys: Do you have an achievement list for all of your ab/dl activities?

If you do, whats your favorite achievement you have done or would like to complete?

If you don't, what kind of achievements would you like to add to your list?
Haha....I"m the first respondent so the poll will look skewed until others respond. I really don't have a list because I've been doing this for a long time. My list got completed years ago, but when my wife found out and accepted, my list was accumulating diapers and some baby clothes like onsies. Also collected were baby bottles, plushies: that sort of thing. I'm sure some other members will be a lot more interesting than my list.
I don't have a list either. I think it would either be extremely short and mostly completed (like dogboy getting some stuff basically) or extremely long to the point of silliness if I tried to come up with every possible story or scenario I'd like to play through or fantasize about sometimes. I'd rather just play it by ear I think, and do things as the opportunity arises rather than make a list.
I chose no as I don't have a real list. I do want some more clothing and test out some more diapers but over-all - I have want I want/need.
Diapers were on my bucket list to try already so now I'm just having fun trying stuff as it arises :)
I don't have any list, but I have accumulated a lot of stuff over the years now. like diapers baby cloths and bottle, pacifiers toys.
Don't have alist but It's be kind of cool to have some sort of official ADISC bucket list created, though I suppose it can be vary a lot from person to person.
Interesting idea. I kind of finished off my checklist a while ago, but there's always room to make more. Not just with acquiring items, but with performing certain activities.
I don't have any list either. But I do have lots of diapers, baby clothes, bottles, and pacifiers. Oh and of course my one and only Pink Panther plushy.
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I realized all what I wish, but I'm always open for some new ideas...
Haha....I"m the first respondent so the poll will look skewed until others respond. I really don't have a list because I've been doing this for a long time. My list got completed years ago...
Just so you know, the results are still skewed your way...

No achievement list here either. Just occasionally a shopping list for more diapers or other items. The only real achievement I ever planned and attained was the first pack of diapers. After that, I am just continuing the fun.
The only thing on my Abdl bucket list is going out as a baby on holloween.

I'm not a exhibitionist, but going out plainly diapered and having it being social acceptable for a night sounds amazing.
I don't have an actual list but I definitely have some things I want to experience at some point in my life. I only recently got to cross diapers off my hypothetical list, so that was a pretty big one. I still have to get a bottle, and I still have to get footie pajamas or a onsie at some point, but my end game is to do abdl stuff with another person. Hopefully it's someone I really care about and not just a hired mommy... But yeah, if that ever happens my list would be complete.
My own list is pretty short and mental. Most things I want to do, I want as a continuing experience/thing rather than one 'acheivement' (e.g. I'd like a big stash of diapers, I'd like to have a caretaker, I'd like to be in diapers all the time, I'd like a playroom...) however there are some experiences I'd like to enjoy that are more 'one time' things. For instance, I'd love to visit an AB nursery. I'd love to enjoy certain sexual scenarios. If I could, there's a lot of scenarios I'd like to 'play pretend' with someone.
Wear in public
Change in public
Get pacifier
Use pacifier
Get bottle
Use bottle
Wear to work
Get diaper
Wet diaper
Mess diaper
Sleep with stuffed animal
Change another ab/dl diaper
Get changed by someone else
Have an accident out of diapers
Have a playdate
Go swimming in a diaper (cloth or swim diaper)
Bathe in a diaper
Meet another ab/dl
Have a stash of 250 diapers at any given time from at least 8 brands.
Go on a forest hike wearing nothing but a diaper and shirt.
Use a diaper while conversing with another person. <<< Aware of AB or not.
Have a secret room used as a nursery.
Have legitimate accident. Daytime or nighttime.

Don't really care for much more, as I'm only showing ones that I haven't done yet.
Add the use while conversing to my list as well
Best achievement I completed was becoming a bedwetter and the one I look forward to is getting pregnant and wearing diapers the whole pregnancy, hospital and while nursing.
Simply posting something in a community of this nature is something I could cross off such a list. Until the past couple of days (possibly even starting with this very moment), I've never spoken openly to anyone about my ABDL at all. Now I suddenly find myself here and already starting lists of things I want to do before or if I ever give this lifestyle up. It's all a little intimidating, but I definitely have a list forming, although I couldn't tell you everything on it just yet.

Salutations, by the way.
Aside from meeting another ABDL, my list was completed years ago. I'd really like to experience babying someone, as well as being babied myself, even if only for a weekend.
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