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I found recently a website that sell adult baby cloth diapers and onesies. They are a Canadian and I trust them completely. I made a purchase from them a few weeks ago and i am completely satisfied with my purchase. their website is: http://www.babykins.com/ and its completely legit.

I got from them:

-Adult Cloth Diaper with Extra Padding 11500 (neutral (has bears print on them))

-KINS Onezie T-Shirt ORIGINAL 12000 (White)
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Good site just ordered some aio and don't charge the earth for shipping to uk $98 can all In shipped =£56 gbp
I pay that much for plain Aio in uk shipped
babymt said:
The strong UK pound really helps

Great company though. Love their AIO and onesies
Pay pal rate £1gbp = $1.72 cand
Blow me down with a feather :cloud9: knock on the door at lunch time from postman and he had my babykins parcel , they must have sent them by air as it was only 4 days since ordering and I live in UK
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I love Babykins! I have ordered from them before and there onesies are amazing.
How do the listed sizes of the onesies, XL for example, fit after washing? should I buy according to the size chart, or would it be better to go up or down one size? I need some onesies, but I ordered an XL from fetware according to their size chart, and it was too big, even after several washings. A large would have been better. There was some shrinkage, but not enough. I still use it though.
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