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Today I was finally able to visit Rearz at their new location, having been to the previous location last year, just before they moved. What an improvement! The previous location was tucked in behind an auto shop and it gave the impression of being a bit sketchy. The new location is anything but, which is fully as they share the building with an auto shop.

Upon first entering, I was greeted by a nice woman who's first words to me, after Hello, were to ask if I was AB or DL. I am so used to doing the dance around the assumption that the diapers I am seeking are for incontinence and for someone else, I was actually a bit taken aback and said mostly AB with some DL. Great answer, except it is the opposite. Not having much of a sweet tooth, I never really identified with the saying, 'like a kid in a candy store' but I sure do now! The space is now huge but the public area is broken up into three rooms -- diapers, AB stuff, legit baby and fem hygiene stuff.

Laurie, the owner, was not there but the employee who was working was very knowledgeable and very friendly. Most importantly, she was very patient and allow me to try on some articles of clothing before I made my purchases. She was also kind enough to throw in a few diaper samples from their stock.

The highlight for me was when a couple entered the store to stock up on some diapers and pacis. It was the first time I had ever met anyone else who shared by predilection. It was the human connection I enjoyed the most.

If you are in the area, I highly recommend a visit. If you find yourself in Toronto, the store is about a 90 minute drive from Toronto. I doubt you will be disappointed.
That's really exciting. My family has a cottage on a lake a little north of Perry Sound, so I've probably passed the store many times on my way to the lake. Our kids now go up as my wife can't travel to far from home for health reasons, but I'd love to visit the store.
thats awesome
Mental note: move to Toronto.
I'm always a bit conflicted about pubic ab/dl stuff. I think I'd be tom embarrassed to go in there I'd be announcing to everyone in the general are that I was ab/dl and I don't think I could do that. If the prices were low enough though I think I could work up the nerve.
I'm about 2 hours from Toronto, might not be a bad idea to take a step in. I would find it most interesting to be able to walk into an environment where this part of my existential self is open and accepted.
That's super neato
I totally under stand that comment, but let yourself except yourself, let yourself understand that even though you chose to live a ab or dl lifestyle that the people that love you still will love you, it's ok to feel embarrassed and not discuss the lifestyle with family and friends, but understand that they love you no matter what, it's better than doing drugs or other high risk activites. Once you get your mind there everything becomes easier. I use to be very closet type, now I wear when I want to wear, I go out in public, or to family / friend events, no one even realizes that I'm diapered, I'll stop at the store and buy diapers if I need to. It's all easier now
I find it hilarious to think about some person dropping their car off at the auto shop and checking out the store next door to pass the time without knowing what it is. Lol I wonder how often that happens.
Everyone who lives near such a place is so lucky!! I would LOVE to go in a store where people just assume nicely I'm AB or DL and offer me service based on that, respecting me at the same time.
If I ever get the chance to make a road-trip over there, I'd definitely make this one of the spots I'd visit x)
I can only dream of living anywhere near an ABDL store. I sometimes fantasize about the day when an ABDL store opens anywhere in South Carolina, or even better somewhere near Columbia, SC. I even sometimes do Google searches looking to see if there's anything new in my area!
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It really was a fantastic experience. If you're a bit shy and worried about being seen, the store is tucked away in a more industrial area and the only other business in the building is the auto shop, so unless you are extraordinarily unlucky, you should be okay.
Wow, I would never ever be brave enough to go into a store like that. It took me forever just to work up the nerve to buy a pack of Goodnites from the store (and only because everyone would assume they were for a child, not me). Especially if someone asked if I was AB or DL, I'd flee immediately! :sweatdrop:

(I do love Rearz diapers though!)
Normally, I'm at least a little nervous buying any type of diaper in a store because of the fear that someone will think that I'm strange or something; even though they probably don't have the faintest idea of what an ABDL or diaper lover is. However, going to a place like Rearz wouldn't bother me at all. I would walk right in and talk to them about what I like and what they have. This is because they cater to the ABDL crowd and they understand us. They understand that in most cases this is a lifestyle. I would love to have the chance to go there!
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