A thrill :)

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I'm currently wearing Pampers diapers in the living room of my house... my stepmum is in the room too and I'm also wearing wee-smelling trousers... my goodness, the thrill is good...! I know I'm preaching to the converted lol! Maybe this might inspire others (and me!) on looking for new thrills as I often conduct mine housebound.
does your step mom know/care?
As far as I know, she doesn't know and I haven't tried to make it known to the family - she hasn't said anything (yet)!
Huh. I've always been afraid to buy Pampers because I was afraid the waist size and liquid capacity wouldn't be enough.
Sounds plenty fun, though!
Nicely done. I believe in pushing limits as long as its not directly harming others.
I recall going to school diapered a few times in college. I would generally wear Luvs or Pampers and I loved wearing around others, not trying to show it off or anything, but there is a certain thrill in knowing that you are just there among others who don't even know. I guess I'd call it the thrill of being different? Even more thrilling was wetting in class, knowing that while others are squirming in their chairs I didn't have to go to the bathroom between classes :p
I can never wear around people I know. Way to nervous. I did wear pampers while on vacation once tho. XD
That is awesome! It is a fun thrill to wear around people that have no idea. I also saw your introduction post and I am certain you will find quite a thrill when you try wetting in public!
Hi again everyone! Thanks for the feedback :) l am afraid of putting any wee-stained/smelling trousers into the wash for fear of embarrassment, but I do my own washing lol! I can't wait to more experimental. I was afraid too of wearing diapers round people I know. Must be getting braver lol! The Pampers I wear I usually wear four at a time for extra feeling lol! When I completely wet myself, usually the diaper leaks heavily so I get the twin joy of a wet diaper and a big patch on my trousers!
I don't know about wearing around people I know but at some stage I think I would like to go out somewhere like a coffee shop somewhere in public where no one knows me whilst wearing. It's going to be a case of finding the right diapers to wear that people won't notice under my regular clothes.
I'm the same usually, I don't like to wear diapers around family/friends - the only time it had to happen previously is because my stepmum returned home whilst I was already wearing one... so, I kept it on lol! But I feel the same way, I really, really hope to become more adventurous and wear them like it's second nature out in public in daily life
I remember doing this many years asgo!, have fun ;).
Aw, thank you kitterdafoxy :) Can I just say it's refreshingly nice and lovely to be welcomed here - and chat to others who share similar ways of living :)
Haha it's things like this that make me wish I never came out to my parents. Just so I could go through the thrill and exhillaration of doing it again!
I had a thrill today too. I took my boat out on the lake in just my diapers and a Pampers t-shirt. It was fun!
My brother called me asking if I wanted to go to the store and get some stuff for home-made ice cream. I had a nearly full wet pull-up on, I wanted to go, but didn't want to change into normal clothing. So I said no.

So a little bit later my brother showed up for a visit. Barging in through the door, after that store run, running to the bathroom where my wet pull-ups are sitting in a bag under the sink waiting to be taken out. :| Luckily, he didn't need to open the sink doors for the toilet paper.

My heart was pounding the entire hour and a half he was here. He would walk past me and I would move out of the way in hopes that he wouldn't notice anything, there was a slight smell and a possible bulge (not sure though). But I did spray some air freshener after he barged in. The hard part was not to adjust the pull-up as it was making me itch a little and was slipping just a little bit.

It was quite thrilling and scary. He didn't notice it or at least didn't say anything. But if he had noticed he would have spoke up and it probably wouldn't have been good.

Anyway, it went well.
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