A Tale of Two Diapers

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I've been spending more of my free time padded up lately, and it's been fantastic!

I've discovered a newfound appreciation for a fresh, dry diaper. Way back then, when diapers were a luxury I could only find an hour for here and then, I used to always wet them as soon as I taped up. But this week I've been sure to enjoy the dry diaper for a little while before wetting it.

Then it becomes a whole new diaper experience! I've learned to love both these experiences, something I'm dubbing my tale of two diapers! Who else feels the same?
I like both ways myself. I dry diaper feels good, like sitting on a blanket that is always around. On the other hand, once wet, that feeling is good as well.

When I put on a diaper, I try to keep it dry for as long as possible before using it to prolong the initial dryness.
I decided to change early this morning from my wet nappy into a dry one and then relax in bed. Don't have a lot f opportunity to do this. Loved the experience.
I use to lone for a bulky squishy diaper, but now I prefer a dry diaper for longer periods, I always end up wetting and I keep them on for the life of the diaper, the moment I feel it's getting close to capacity I change into a dry one
I like both but on of the most satisfying things that I enjoy is waking up in a sopping wet diaper. I've wet and not changed right away and I've gotten it to a point when it sags. I like having diapers dry more than wet though, especialy in the first ten or twenty minutes where it hasn't quite conformed to your butt.
nothing like a clean dry powdered up daiper after a morning shower
Speaking of which, I remember a joke I told someone here.

Diapers come in two colors.. White and not white.

Ever since I've read this thread I've become self conscious of my diaper. I'm always checking now and right now it's freshly soaked. I'll probably stay in it for a while, but some times you don't know what you have until it's brought up.
I mainly enjoy wearing a dry diaper, but here recently iv had these urge's to double up! ( as in put on multiple layers of diapers at once) which iv fallen completely in love wearing these super comfy layers :) but in the winter time I do enjoy wearing 3 depends maximum protection with tabs at once then wetting them a few good times :). They honestly keep you warm being in the layers, then when you soak them they get even warmer !!:D so I gotta say I enjoy both equally :)
I adore being in my diapers wet or dry. Every aspect of them is exhilarating, from buying them to secretly disposing of them one at a time. >.>
Before I had access or the means to buy and store diapers, I would just love the feeling of wearing one, wetting was never something that really crossed my mind. Now, I do like and enjoy wetting and sometimes messing as well.

I like to stay wet for a while but I also like as much changing into a fresh diaper.

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Yes I completely agree! The sheer thrill of buying them just gets me every time! :) sometimes takes me an hour just to go to the counter while I'm on lookout so no one that I know sees me purchasing them lol
It's a good feeling to have my wife change my warm wet diaper with a thick soft cloth diaper and plastic baby pants. I can enjoy the dry diaper for hours!
I used to enjoy dry diapers after a long stretch in wet diapers. These days I change on a timer so I value the dryness even more.
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