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For the people that think if you offer a "good" education for your children it will never go to LGBTQ+ community I think you clearly don't understand how the human work, even if you do best there are some part of the human person you can't control manipulate, and this is a part of it, surly you can do your best to do inverted psychology but the only you do in this case locked up the person but these will not change these ideas for that because is not something that you or the other person can control, the only thing you can do for these person if in the opposite of what it is destroy there live.

So my "story" when I was young I was raised by my father family. So I had principaly my father and my grandma so my father was something like for spiritual things but on the other things is was more in the middle it was not religious anyway, for my grandma she was not really open on what is not an ordinary thing, so when I was young I was push more to the anti-Semite, and discrimination thing ... and yes now some people in my family ask why I haven't speak about my Transgender when I was young (surely a great question to ask you don't think ...) My father family now know my DL side, my Transgender, that lesbian and asexual, some have more trouble to accept than others but I really don't care of this because anyway I have a lot of contact with it

Actually I live with my mother that know all what I have tell above, she have need a certain time to completely accept my Transgender but she was again of it what is the principal she have start to really accept and support me On my trans line when she have decided to be more feminine and more accepted it's feminine part.